Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940: Not As Handsome As Me

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The man's voice tightened as he said in a lowered voice, "Next time. It's too late tonight and you should rest properly."

Ning Xi suddenly did not know what to say. Had he actually brought her all the way here in the middle of the night and just purely just to give her a surprise?

Ning Xi thought about something and tugged on Lu Tingxiao's hand before making her way towards the courtyard in the bamboo forest. "Mmm, okay! Let's rest! Let's rest together! You must be tired from driving for so long!"

Hehe, wait till I get him into bed. Will I get to kiss him?


Why did she suddenly realize that this was the pattern of seducing a pure little bunny?

When the two of them entered the house, Ning Xi was once again astonished.

The roof above them in the master bedroom was made entirely of glass. They could see the bright, starry sky by lying down in the bed. Outside their window, they could hear the wind caressing the bamboo forest. The bed was made into the shape of a bird's nest and the pure white mattress was as soft as the clouds.

Yet, all of this beauty was nothing compared to the person beside her.

Lu Tingxiao stood in front of the bed and was undoing his buttons one by one.

Ning Xi held her chin and watched without blinking.

Indeed, there will be no damage without comparison!

Was she nothing?

If those people saw the way the devil undid his buttons, would they not go crazy?

Also, if they knew that their "National Husbands" No. 1 and No. 2 were actually already off the market...

Lu Tingxiao had just taken off his exterior clothing and changed when he saw that Ning Xi was already lying on the bed, waiting for him.

When she saw him turn around, she even patted the spot beside her as if she was saying that they could both obediently sleep together.

However, the shine in her eyes had already given her away...

The corner of Lu Tingxiao's lips curled up and there was a smile in his eyes. His fingers gently caressed the girl's chin. "Not tired?"

Ning Xi shook her head like a rattle-drum. "Please! Seeing you teasing me like this, even if I'm tired as a dog I could be resurrected!"

When Lu Tingxiao heard her, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Did he tease her?

The man caressed the girl's soft hair. "I'm older than you are. There will be a day when I'm no longer attractive to you."

Wow! The devil unexpectedly had such insecure moments too!

Ning Xi instantly raised her brows. "So what!? There are many handsome guys and pretty boys in the entertainment industry! But can I eat their handsomeness? Whatever it is, even if they're handsome, they aren't as handsome as I am!"

She was the officially acknowledged No. 1!

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

This reasoning...

Usually, girls would comfort the guy and say, "There will be a day when I turn old too." Only Ning Xi would say that as handsome as others were, they would not be as handsome as her. It was really hard to refute anything she said.

Nevertheless, Lu Tingxiao loved her arrogant little demeanor so much.

"Mmm, my wife makes so much sense."

The man laughed lightly as his long fingers held onto the girl's collar.

The way Ning Xi's outfit was designed was that there was a row of ten buttons at the collar. In fact, every button was small and delicate, and it was very hard to undo them.

Lu Tingxiao then started to kiss her forehead, her nose, her lips, collarbone, and every inch of her skin as he unhurriedly unbuttoned every single one patiently. Occasionally, his fingers would brush her skin with an electrifying numbness...

He was torturously slow.

The first time, he had caused her too much damage. The second time had been too rushed. This time, he wanted to give her the best experience.

Even if it was something that he was not good at, as long as he was willing to, this man could be the best.

Tonight was one such example.