Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938: Have A Date Tonight

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Jiang Muye still felt like something was out of place.

This person spoke eloquently and he gazed at Ning Xi very normally too, but perhaps because it was too normal, he felt something amiss.

Jiang Muye was initially prepared to continue asking further, yet he saw the text Ning Xi had sent Lu Tingxiao from the corner of his eye: [Darling, in this lifetime, our names will always, always be together!]

Hey, hey, hey! Forget it, what was he worried about?! He was already tortured by this display of affection, yet he was still being worried!

This bastard only had her darling in her heart and eyes. Even if another species' eyes fell on her, she probably would not realize it!


In Deer Town.

Lu Tingxiao read the text on his phone and his eyes filled with tenderness.

Moments later, the man got up and went upstairs.

When Lu Tingxiao returned downstairs again, the orange juice in Lu Jingli's head had tilted to one side and spilled on his pants. His eyes almost popped out.

Oh! So handsome, so handsome, so handsome!

His brother was wearing the tuxedo that Ning Xi had bought him. The design was unique and it was in a rather bright color.

Ning Xi's aesthetics had always been flashier. His brother just had to put it on and he immediately looked attractive as if he was a totally different person.

"Dang! Bro! It's late at night. Where are you going dressed like that?" Lu Jingli instantly asked excitedly.

Lu Tingxiao raised a hand to fix his collar. "Help me watch Little Treasure. I'll be back tomorrow morning."

Tears instantly welled up in his eyes as Lu Jingli bit his fingers. "Are you going on a date with Sis-in-law? Sob!"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao admitted right away.

Lu Jingli was shocked and speechless.

The pathetic life that he had imagined had indeed begun!

Lu Jingli clasped his pierced heart like Xishi [1]. "Where are you going? How long for? When will you be back, and when you come back, will you still love me?"

Lu Tingxiao shot a side look at his brother who loved acting. "There're sweet and sour ribs in the fridge."

His ribs!

His wife-protecting devil brother's cooking was getting better and better. In fact, he was about to surpass sister-in-law!

Oh! His brother did still love him!

The little koi who was successfully consoled by the plate of sweet and sour ribs instantly corrected himself happily, "Oh! Got it. I'll watch the child at home obediently. Go ahead! Have fun! It's fine if you come back later!"

In fact, he thought that with his brother's capabilities, they definitely would not be back tomorrow morning.

He was too selfless!

Where could anyone find a brother like him!?


Backstage of the event.

Ning Xi had changed into a pastel pink and adorable dress. "My nephew, you go ahead and leave by yourself! Your Aunty has a date tonight!"

Jiang Muye was so jealous that he scoffed, "Who wants to leave with you? I have a date too!"

"Oh, then have fun! Bye bye!"

As he watched the figure walk further away from him, Jiang Muye's angry expression suddenly faded away like the tide. His head sank like a large, dejected dog.

I am so handsome...

Can you not even see a bit of that?

Love has never been fair.


"Oh! Darling, you're so handsome!"

Once Ning Xi got into the car and saw Lu Tingxiao in the driver's seat, she threw herself at him.

The man, who was attacked by this gentleness, kissed the girl on her forehead. His eyes were filled with warmth. "It might be a little far. You should sleep for a while on the way. I'll wake you up when we reach."

Ning Xi looked excited. "Where are you bringing me?"

Lu Tingxiao did not answer. Instead, he cleared his throat and did not seem himself.

It was really rare to see Lu Tingxiao like this. Ning Xi kept pondering and suddenly her curiosity was stoked.