Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937: Seen All Kinds of Beautiful Girls

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The Night of Starlight had ended, and Glory World had won the war this time.

Of course, a lot of people did not think that way.

In the dressing room,backstage.

"You monster! You're not human! Ning Xiao Xi, our friendship ends here!" Jiang Muye was fuming.

This witch had done it on purpose! Just to show her affection, she had sold him out!

Ning Xi was sitting in front of the dressing table. She glanced back at Jiang Muye as she took her earrings off. "I said I'm letting you take the female category, but, no, you didn't want to!"

She then started studying a certain blondie.

Jiang Muye's facial features were rather pretty. If he put on makeup and a female outfit


Jiang Muye could not stand Ning Xi's staring anymore. "Screw you! Ning Xiao Xi, I'm going to kill you if you think about that again!"

Ning Xi sighed out of regret.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Ning Xi looked at the door.

She was surprised to see who it was.

The person was wearing a full black tuxedo with a special-looking flower in his hands.

The flowers were light pink in color and looked like a ruffled collar from the mid-European era. It seemed like a special rare flower from a botanical garden in Japan.

"Congratulations." Li Muyan handed the flowers over like a gentleman.

Ning Xi quickly stood up and took the flowers. "Thank you, Mr. Li"

"I was nearby tonight with the diplomat from Japan. I saw the live stream and found out that you had an important event tonight. I hope my uninvited visit isn't troubling you," Li Muyan explained his intention of being there briefly.

Ning Xi smiled politely. "Of course not, you're welcome here! I really like the flowers. Thank you!"

This flower had a special scent and it smelled a little like pears with the gentleness of summer.

"These are magnolias from Japan. Because I only found out about this at the last minute, I just stole them from the Japan Embassy," said Li Muyan unabashedly.

Of course, Ning Xi knew Li Muyan was kidding, but she was still surprised. Then again, considering his career, it might be pretty normal for him to say something like this.

When Jiang Muye saw the strange man, he turned from the usual blondie into a lion. He was on high alert.

"Right, this is my senior, Jiang Muye," Ning Xi introduced them.

"Li Muyan," Li Muyan introduced himself and extended his hand for a handshake, then hesaid, "I've heard about you, Mr. Jiang. You're very famous after all, and my cousin is a big fan of yours."

That was one sweet tongue

Jiang Muye reached out for his hand half-heartedly. After a sloppy shake, he said, "Thank you."

Li Muyan did not stay for long and left after a short conversation.

Jiang Muye quickly asked Ning Xi the moment the man left, "Who's that?"

"The son of my aunt's close friend. He's a diplomat officer. What's wrong?" Ning Xi asked back.

Jiang Muye mumbled, "Nothing, I just feel something's odd... Does he like you?"

"I don't think so! He's been all over the world and seen all kinds of beautiful girls, so it couldn't be" Ning Xi was happily sending messages to Lu Tingxiao as she replied him.