Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1936

    Chapter 1936: Slaying The Novice Village

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    Ning Xi was not wearing the sack of a dress from before. She was donning

    One of the key highlight pieces of Spirit, "Luoshen"!

    Jiang Muye was still a straight guy after all. His expression changed when he saw Ning Xi in her usual female outfit. In his flush of hormones, his ears were a little red and his eyes looked at her differently.

    Still, this prideful guy was still trying to hide it, so he mumbled quietly, "That's no fun at all! She's just using a fully upgraded weapon to slay a novice village!"

    Exhibiting true strength was always the best way to shut people up.

    All the dissatisfied voices disappeared after Ning Xi appeared. The majority of the supporters flushed out the tiny amount of criticisms.

    "Ah! My goddess is so beautiful! What should I do? I'm not sure if I like guys or girls anymore!"

    "May I know what brand is my goddess wearing? I've never seen it before! It looks so much better than Han Zixuan's outfit! While what she wore looks good, but she gives a vibe of being a newly rich person!"

    "I know, I know! It's Spirit! Goddess has always been a loyal fan of Spirit! Don't you know? She wore Spirit's key highlight piece, 'Beings' at Glory World Entertainment's anniversary. At the Golden Film Awards she wore the renowned work of Spirit's lead designer, 'Nirvana Reincarnated', and now this is the second key highlight piece of Spirit, 'Luoshen'. It's a collaboration between Spirit's lead designer and Master Song Qin!"

    "Also! The white qipao Bro Xi wore when she just reappeared is a new series called 'Back To The Origins' from Spirit. I've never seen the one she wore in the beginning before. I guess it's a new series that's not been announced yet!"

    "I see! It's Spirit! It was quite popular back then!"

    "A lot of their recent releases look really impressive!"

    Several fans brought up the Spirit outfits Ning Xi wore in the past, and suddenly Spirit was back in the public eye again. It was free promotion and a stellar marketing strategy.

    Finally, the Night of Starlight finally ended.

    Starlight lost all their chances to turn the tables.

    At midnight, in a hospital.

    Ning Xueluo already received the news from the company and she flopped on the sofa, irritated. "What a useless bunch!"

    They had invested so many resources and could not even win over an outdated artiste, losing to Glory World that had nearly closed down.

    However, she had no time to solve Starlight's issue now. She had much more important things to do.

    Ning Xueluo looked at her phone impatiently while waiting for the doctor's diagnosis.

    After a while, a female doctor around fifty years old came in.

    The doctor looked at Ning Xueluo with a less-than-positive expression. "Mrs. Su, your report is out"

    Ning Xueluo's expression darkened when she saw the doctor's body language. "I still don't have a baby?"

    The doctor nodded. "Yes"

    She then comforted, "Don't worry, Mrs. Su. You're still young. It's only been a year since you've been married. Be patient and there'll be many more chances in the future."

    Ning Xueluo soured and was laughing coldly on the inside.

    Be patient?

    If she kept on being patient, she would surely lose her position as Mrs. Su!