Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935: Being On The Same Ranking As The Devil

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"Gosh! The results are really shocking! We've never had anything like this before since the beginning of these polls"

The host was riled up with excitement.

The winners were invited up on stage to receive their prizes, starting with the males first.

Ning Xi alone received three of them. Yes, the three that Jiang Muye was determined to get! Jiang Muye, who did not even win a single title, was starting to doubt his life.

"What the heck? I want to quit the entertainment industry!"

He had no place here anymore!

Lei Ming coughed lightly and started comforting him, "Well, being second is okay too. Good job!"

"What's so good about being under that bastard?! Look at these little bastards in the streaming sites! Am I on the receiving end? How am I on the receiving end?" Jiang Muye roared.

Xu Tao was overjoyed tonight, he looked just like a hardcore fan, "Hahaha my queen is the best! The time for Xu Tao is finally here!"

She was just the best artiste for him!

"Ning Xi, congratulations on beating all the guys and reaching the top of the three big male categories! You've even grabbed the second place in the 'National Husband' category. How do you feel being on the same ranking as Mr. Lu?" The host asked out of curiosity.

While Lu Tingxiao would never be there to take this award, the host would never let up the chance to talk about it.

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows.

Hmm, being on the same ranking as Lu Tingxiao

It was an indescribable feeling after all.


She also felt like slapping herself since she had told Lu Tingxiao she had way too many romance rivals not too long ago.

Ning Xi phrased her words carefully and replied, "It's my pleasure to have my name up there together with Mr. Lu."

What she did not say out loud was: "In the years to come, our name will be forever together!"

While Xu Tao and Lei Ming had no idea about Ning Xi's relationship with Lu Tingxiao, Liang Feixing and Jiang Muye were fed up with Ning Xi's public display of affection.

Soon, it was time to give out prizes for the female categories.

Suddenly, Xu Tao and the bunch noticed some upset comments from the streaming sites.

"What is this?! What's Entertainment's Light doing? They let a woman win the male categories! Nonsense!"

"Not just that, it's unfair for the females too! The Most Popular and National Goddess titles should be Zixuan's!"

"That's right! Zixuan is the real goddess! Are these people blind? What's so good about that half-guy, half-girl Ning Xi?"

It was obvious that Starlight was pulling the strings behind this uproar.

While Jiang Muye had complained about Ning Xi earlier, he changed sides when he saw these comments. "Foolish humans!"

He did not look worried at all. He was just waiting for these people to eat their own words.

"We've given out the Best Newcomer award! Now, we're presenting the award for Most Popular Female Artiste and National Goddess! Because Ning Xi has won both awards, we're giving it together. Once again, let's have Ning Xi up on stage!"

A person came out slowly as the host invited Ning Xi up.

A white figure came out into the view of the audience from the blurry backlight and soon, everyone could clearly see the person.

No one made a sound.

At that moment, that high and mighty king had taken off his male outfit, and returned to her true self