Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1928

    Chapter 1928: Shocking Change of Ranks!

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    Because the huge screen on the left only showed the top ten categories, the other titles would not be displayed, so no one had noticed for now.

    The craze of the fans offline and passersby were still ambiguous...

    At this moment, backstage.

    Zheng Anru was stomping in fury. "Damn it, Liu Wenliang, that dumbass! Why hadn't he known to have a backup!? We're watching Ning Xi's votes increase drastically and we can't do a damned thing!"

    Han Zixuan's rationality and poise could not be maintained anymore. She threw the mineral water bottle at her assistant.

    The assistant's head became red and swollen from the impact of the bottle. On the side, she said carefully, "They must have bought votes! Otherwise, how could it have increased so quickly?!"

    Even though they knew that with Glory World's capabilities, there was no way they could buy these many votes, yet saying this would still make it easier for them to accept the outcome rather than saying that Han Zixuan's skills could not compare to Ning Xi's.

    "Then, quickly call the company!" Han Zixuan cursed under her breath.

    Zheng Anru walked around frantically backstage as she quickly called the Public Relations department and started spluttering into the phone, "Liu Wenliang, quickly think of something for me! We don't care what method you use! Don't forget that CEO Wang has told you that this time for the female rankings, the number one must be Zixuan. It can only be Zixuan! You'd better think about the consequences if you make a mistake this time!"

    On the other of the phone, Liu Wenliang was already in terrible shape at the moment. He was frantic as well because he had just been scolded by Wang Haojun and Ning Xueluo. Now, with Zheng Anru's call, he was enraged.

    "Zheng Anru, do you think I'm God? Ning Xi's just sitting in her guest seat and doing nothing, but her votes keep on rising tremendously. What can I do?"

    Just as Zheng Anru and Liu Wenliang were arguing on the phone, Zheng Anru saw that Ning Xi's votes in both categories had suddenly decelerated. There were even signs of it slowly stopping.

    Zheng Anru was suddenly overjoyed. "It's stopping, it's stopping. I knew it! It's finally reached its peak! Liu Wenliang, quickly seize the opportunity and step things up!"

    Liu Wenliang obviously noticed this too, but he instantly grumbled, "Step things up, my ass! Do you think we can surpass her just like that? Look at the margin of the votes right now! Even if it's stopped, there's no way we can surpass her either!

    "You've got to know that those number of votes were pulled in six whole days! Now, in such a short amount of time, there's no way we could pull so many votes! Instead of nitpicking at me, why don't you let Zixuan think of a way to make her fans vote for her. That'd be faster!"

    Zheng Anru looked at Han Zixuan and her expression was dark. In such a short amount of time, what could she think of?

    Even that shocking performance earlier was useless!

    Should she ask for the organizers to give her another slot?

    Just as Zheng Anru was haggling and arguing with Liu Wenliang...

    On the side, the assistant stared at the huge screen and suddenly covered her mouth. She cried out in alarm, "Ah... Oh my God! What's happening?"

    "What are you making a big fuss about?" Zheng Anru scowled impatiently.

    The assistant pointed at the numbers and said emotionally, "Sis Anru, look at the male artiste list! How did Ning Xi's name suddenly appear on the male artiste ranks? Could there be a problem with the system?"

    Zheng Anru suddenly could not care about Liu Wenliang on the phone. She quickly went over to look and indeed, Ning Xi's name was really on the male list!

    Most Popular Male Artiste No. 10: Ning Xi!

    National Male Idol No. 9: Ning Xi!

    Most Desired Male Artiste To Sleep With No. 7: Ning Xi!

    "What's happening! Are they crazy? How did Ning Xi suddenly appear on the male list?! Such a public dirty trick! This was obviously rigged!" Zheng Anru was stupefied.