Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1927

    Chapter 1927: Slay Ranks!

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    Even though everyone was very intense with their effort to pull the votes the past few days, there was still a group of people who liked saving their votes for the event, and an even larger group of people who just wouldnot vote.

    However, at this moment, when their emotions were completely riled up, the portion of the votes had suddenly all been squeezed out, not to mention the strong forces of fans personally pulling votes from all over the world.

    At this moment, Starlight was obviously trying to come up with ideas, but they could not even catch up with the speed that Ning Xi's votes were rising...

    On stage, Han Zixuan danced and twirled with all sorts of sexy and energetic moves until she was drenched in sweat. From the corner of her eye, she noticed that her votes had completely been surpassed by Ning Xi, and she saw that the audience's cheers and shrieks did not seem to be for her.

    At this moment, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

    When she spun around, she was shocked to see that on the huge screen behind her was a close-up of Ning Xi and not her!

    Han Zixuan's expression suddenly turned pale and she messed up her footwork as she instantly missed the beat.

    When Zheng Anru noticed it off-stage, she was so anxious that her face was filled with horror.

    "Damn it! What are those people doing backstage!? This is Zixuan's slot! Where are the cameras pointing?!"

    Then, what was even sadder was that even though Han Zixuan had made such a huge mistake, not a single person had noticed.

    They had both teased the crowd, but upon comparing Han Zixuan's and Ning Xi's way, the winner was obvious.

    Zixuan was rather deliberate and overly sculpted, giving people the impression that she was dull. It was Ning Xi's lack of self-awareness as though she was saying, "Actually, I didn't even think about teasing you" that wiped out both the men and the women, causing everyone to go insane for her.

    Even just a small action, a slight gaze could make one's heart race.

    Finally, on the stage, Han Zixuan's performance ended.

    On the huge screen to the left, Ning Xi's votes had unexpectedly surpassed Han Zixuan by a terrifying rate of two times more.

    In fact, she was leading by a wide margin for both categories!

    This performance was supposed to be Han Zixuan's killer move to pull for votes and they had even moved her slot up, yet it had instead thrown her straight to hell.

    When Zheng Anru saw the numbers that were impossible to outdo, she immediately stood up, then blankly fell back down into her seat with complete disbelief written all over her face.

    "This... This is impossible! How was this possible!"

    "So amazing! Bro Xi! Your votes made a comeback! In fact, you've outdone the others by a wide margin! And it's still rising!" Qin Xiao Shuang had been watching Ning Xi's votes closely and at this moment, she was incredibly excited.

    This was a miracle...

    This person before her always had a way to do the impossible.

    As long as she was by her side, she would feel at ease!

    Jiang Muye peeked at Qin Shuang and held his chin as his mouth twitched. "Great, you've seduced another one, you bad person!"

    Even though he was jealous, seeing that Ning Xi was finally dominating the ranks with him, Jiang Muye still felt quite happy.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk! The ranks would look awesome!

    Most Popular Male Artiste No. 1: Jiang Muye

    National Male Idol: Jiang Muye

    Most Desired Male Artiste To Sleep With No. 1: Jiang Muye

    Most Popular Female Artiste No. 1: Ning Xi

    National Goddess No. 1: Ning Xi

    The five most influential categories would all be dominated by Glory World Entertainment!

    As for the National Husband title that was held steady by Lu Tingxiao, he was still one of them too!

    Yet, very soon, Jiang Muye's happiness was short-lived.

    With the end of Han Zixuan's performance, the other performances began. Even in other categories that could not have been possible, Ning Xi's votes had begun to quietly increase too...