Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1926

    Chapter 1926: Ning Xiao Xi, You Pervert!

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    Suddenly, almost all of the fans and audience suddenly had their eyes trained on Ning Xi. In fact, Ning Xi's votes started to balloon like the numbers were on a rocket.

    As for the viewer ratings, there was no need to mention that.

    When the channel director saw the soaring viewer ratings, he was so delighted that his heart could not stop racing.

    Not only did he not scold those cameramen who had cut a shot midway to take a close up of Ning Xi, instead he was full of praises. In fact, he immediately changed his mind about what he said earlier.

    "No bad, not bad... Ahem... Actually, it's fine if it's a little obvious!"

    The cameramen were all originally a little worried. They did not dare to be too obvious, yet now that they had received the channel director's approval, they instantly added more screentime for her.

    When camera number 10 shot Han Zixuan, it would almost always include Ning Xi in the frame at the same time.

    Below the stage, as he watched the way her votes had suddenly risen in a way that made it hard for Han Zixuan to catch up, and the way everyone looked like they were about to go mad, Jiang Muye, who sat beside Ning Xi, had a baffled expression.

    "Bloody hell... What the heck!? Didn't you just undo one button? Was that necessary? Qin Xiao Shuang, don't you think there's something wrong with these fans' brains?"

    On the side, Qin Shuang did not respond to Jiang Muye at all.

    Jiang Muye looked over and saw that the girl's eyes already looked past him to stare at Ning Xi. She was clasping her heart, and she looked like her heart was galloping so fast that she could faint at any moment.

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    Because he and Ning Xi sat together, the two of them clearly appeared in the shots together. Still, in the end, he was completely ignored.

    This was something that had never happened since he debuted in the industry. Every time he appeared, all of the male artistes before him would just be a supplement to his presence.

    But now, he had been defeated by a woman!

    Thus, Jiang Muye finally could not stand it. "Bloody hell! Didn't you just undo a button? Who doesn't know how to do that?"

    Then, he quickly undid three buttons.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Muye, Muye, Muye, Muye!"

    Jiang Muye's fans finally noticed their idol too and all of them started to shriek.

    He had to sacrifice so much for a little bit of attention. Not only was Jiang Muye upset, he also looked very sour and jealously at a certain someone who was sitting nonchalantly beside him.

    When Ning Xi noticed his gaze, she looked at the blondie beside her from the corner of her eye and suddenly revealed a pensive expression.

    Jiang Muye got goosebumps. "What're you looking at?"

    Ning Xi leaned her head on her hand and smiled as she said faintly, "I suddenly thought of how you'd look like if you were a woman's outfit?"

    What the heck!? She was actually imagining the way he looked in a female outfit! She was insane!

    Jiang Muye suddenly exploded then and there as he held his chest in horror like a girl who had been violated and said, "Ning Xiao Xi! You pervert!"

    Even though the fans and audience did not know the contents of Ning Xi and Jiang Muye's conversation, from their lively and lovely way of interacting with each other coupled with that expression of Jiang Muye'swas clearly being bullied to the point of breaking down, the two of them were practically the perfect portrayal of a bad boy attacking and a soft boy overreacting. It virtually excited the strong emotions of the most guarded Fujoshis among the fans.

    "Ahhhhh! So lovely! The way my Muye overreacts is way too cute!"

    "The attack and reaction are so obvious! Bro Xi attacks! Muye appropriately receives!"

    "I really want to know what they're talking about!"

    "I know, I know! I've recorded it and read their lips repeated times! Bro Xi said he wants to know how Muye would look like in a female outfit!"

    "Oh,oh, oh! Bro Xi is awesome! I'd want to know how my husband would look in a female outfit too!"

    Below the stage, Jiang Muye was on his phone looking at the live stream comments. His expression was almost as black as the bottom of a pot. "What the heck?! Who's the soft boy receiving!? I'm the attacker! Attack!"