Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925: Undo Buttons

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Each performance had a time limit. Every guest was limited to about 10 to 15 minutes, but because Ning Xi combined her performance with Jiang Muye, they were able to get half an hour of stage time.

They simplified the show to make it easier to understand, so in addition to the perfect synergy among the trio, this long half an hour show was pure enjoyment for the audience.

Until the end, people still did not have enough of it.

As the three of them descended from the stage, everyone's eyes did not leave them for even a fraction of a second, especially Ning Xi.

"Thank you to the three of them for bringing to us such an amazing performance. To you guys in front of the TV and the live stream sites, don't go away! More performances await, but I'm not telling you just yet who's next! I wonder if anyone can guess who'll be next up on stage?"

While the host was trying to create a mysterious vibe, the suspense was not as great as the attention on Ning Xi even when she was currently seated in the guest area.

The live audience watched Ning Xi as she walked off the stage and sat in the guestarea. She was busy talking to Qin Shuang and Jiang Muye beside her.

She was not really doing anything, yet all her graceful movements made it hard for people to take their eyes off of her.

The live audience and fans watching the streaming sites screamed in excitement when the camera caught a glimpse of Ning Xi, especially on the streaming sites. The chats were all about her.

"Ah! Mr. Cameraman, Bro Xi please!"

"Mr. Cameraman! I want to see my husband!"

"Please, Mr. Cameraman!"

At the same time, the lights on the stage went off except for one spotlight right in the middle.

After a moment, upbeat music echoed through the whole venue and everyone's ears as dancers gradually came out and were dancing their feet off. The vibe created just a moment ago wore off.

Off-stage, Ning Xi sat there quietly, feeling sweat trickle down her collarbone area because of the performance just now.

"Uhh... What should we do?" There were too many requests to ignore, so the cameramen were troubled as they looked at the reaction of the audience.

The leader made a decision swiftly. "Give Ning Xi more features!"

"But it's Han Zixuan's show next"

"Do I really have to teach you how to do it? Don't make it too obvious! Look for loopholes! Don't you know how to find a right angle?" The leader of the cameraman said exasperatedly.

The cameraman understood when they heard the orders from their walkie-talkies.

After a short dance, there was a solid thump as a square hole appeared on the stage and someone leaped out of it.

It was Han Zixuan.

She was clad in a tight, black bodysuit, highlighting her slim waist and her pair of longlegs, with her long, black waves of hair.

It was a new look from the cool goddess. How sexy and enticing!

Her new look and sexy dance attracted the attention of the crowd, and the rate of Han Zixuan's votes sped up.

On the ranking, Ning Xi and Han Zixuan's names were chasing one after another.

Below the stage, Zheng Anru's heart was so nervous that it almost jumped out. She eased upslightly when she saw the expected reaction of the audience.

She knew this trick would do the job!

Suddenly, the no. 1 cameraman saw something that caught his eye. Since he was the closest to Ning Xi, he aimed the shot at her.

The screen suddenly changed, displaying Ning Xi and Jiang Muye. Because Ning Xi felt a little too warm wearing the stage outfit, she was slowly undoing her button as she watched the performance on stage.

"Ah! So cool! My heart's going to burst!"

"My hormones!"

"My husband is the best!"

"Please continue! Don't stop!"