Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1924

    Chapter 1924: Bro Xi, Long Time No See

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    The two male leads in the show were superb. It was a difficult choice indeed.

    Jiang Muye's character attracted him a large group of new fans.

    Ning Xi was really outstanding. Just by revealing half of her face, everyone went crazy.

    It was a triple win!

    It took a long time to put makeup on half of Ning Xi's disfigured face. Even the removal process was a little troublesome as well. She came out slowly after Qin Shuang and Jiang Muye went up on stage.

    She was still wearing that elegant stage outfit, but she had removed the shawl and mask. After the special effects makeup was cleaned up, a breathtaking face once again appeared right before the audience again.

    "Ah! Bro Xi, Bro Xi, Bro Xi!"

    "Bro Xi, I want to have your baby!"

    Seeing how passionate her fans were, Ning Xi took the mic from the host and said gently, "Thank you,everyone. Long time no see."

    Four simple words were enough to ignite the passion within everyone!

    "Bro Xi, long time no see !"

    "Long time no see! We missed you, Bro Xi!"

    "I love you, dear! I've been keeping myself pure for you all these years!"

    After "Dream Chaser" ended, it had indeed been a long time since Ning Xi appeared before everyone in a male outfit.

    Every time she changed into a male outfit, it felt like she had a split personality. She would transform into another person, and the vibe she exuded was fresh and new every time.

    No wonder the fans were so excited.

    As Ning Xi said the words "long time no see" on stage, the poll on the left screen started to display some drastic changes.

    Ning Xi's ranking had overtaken Han Zixuan's spot and was still on the rise!

    Han Zixuan and Zheng Anru had been keeping check of the rankings. Their expressions changed when they saw that their rankings had been surpassed by Ning Xi.

    "What's wrong with you guys?! She overtook us even when we had that many votes! Didn't Liu Wenliang prepare any contingency plan?" Han Zixuan freaked out a little no matter how hard she tried to be calm, especially when she saw the numbers on the big screen.

    Zheng Anru started to get nervous. "We started strong at the beginning, so we don't really have that many votes in hand now. It's too late to gather votes right now! Damn it! That Xu Tao bastard was treacherous! What a trick! This is the female star ranking. What does Ning Xi think she's doing? That's breaking the rules! I'm going to file a complaint!"

    Han Zixuan's expression turned cold. "Don't you think the organizers knew about it?"

    It was obvious that the organizers knew what Ning Xi was going to do, but they had not stopped her. They just wanted popularity, so they would not care what the artistes did.

    They had been too careless. It was unexpected that Ning Xi's bunch would pull such a trick at the very last minute.

    "No wonder Ning Xi's performance was scheduled this early. They were waiting for us here! Our performance is last. I'm afraid it'll be too late by then! Why don't we take an earlier slot so that we have got more time to gain some votes!? Zixuan, you've been painted in the image of a cold goddess. Your breakthrough this time with a sexy dance will surely get the men going crazy! Ning Xi had the girls. Let's get the guys!"

    Han Zixuan gave it some thought. While she was irritated, there was nothing else that could be done. "Alright, we'll go with your suggestion!"

    Zheng Anru thought her plan was going to work. She had no idea that while Ning Xi was having all the girls in her hands, the bent guys were suffering as well