Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1920

    Chapter 1920: Bewitched

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    Grandeur yet demonic, mad yet restrained, her damaged appearance was still so beautiful that it shook one to the core. Ning Xifused such a juxtaposition that was poles apart perfectly. She had given a whole new life to the ghost.

    The ghost silently watched the girl on the bed as the incredibly bewitching singing began.

    "Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in

    To the power of the music that I write,

    The power of the music of the night..."

    With the charming voice akin to a siren's grotto, whether it was the fans present or the audience in front of the television and those who were watching the online live stream, regardless of whether it was man or woman, in this instant, everyone bowed before this person on stage.

    Ning Xi's singing was not bad. It was a combination of the traditional way of singing with the mainstream approach. However, there was definitely still a gap compared to professional singers, but the feelings within her voice were something that professional singers could not compare to. She had melded her acting skills completely into the music.

    After some polishing, that low and hoarse voice that was a fine line between a man and woman, coupled with that demonic half-revealed face which overlooked gender was enough to make one go crazy.

    Just as the audience was becoming obsessed with her, the lights on stage suddenly dimmed.

    When the lights came on again, the phantom had already vanished, Christine lay in her room again as if all of it was just a dream.

    Initially, the musical did not receive much attention and was poorly accepted by the audience. However, at this moment, it had completely enraptured everyone,. They were fully concentrated as they waited for the next performance.

    All four heads of the television channels received information almost at the same time that the viewer ratings were rapidly increasing, with the hope of breaking Night of Starlight's record in ten years. Not to mention those online live stream websites, the popularity of the Night of Starlight live stream steadily increased until it reached first place.

    Next, Christine and the Phantom experienced a number of days together as student-teacher and friends, the Phantom taught Christine to sing in secret. In fact, he had gotten rid of all barriers for Christine. He did not spare harming people to push her all the way to the position of the female lead.

    Unfortunately for the Phantom, all of this was only exchanged with Christine's fear. While she and Raoul were becoming more and more inseparable, after the incident on the stage happened, Christine and Raoul escaped to the rooftop amidst everyone's panic.

    Over there, she told Raoul about her encounter, and he expressed his affection for her that he had buried for a long time to Christine. The two of them sang a duet called "All I Ask of You" to express their feelings for each other.

    The ghost took all of this in, feeling pained by Raoul's feelings towards Christine, and baffled by Christine's betrayal. He decided to curse them.

    Finally, he could not hold back any longer, he cursed them in anger, in fact during the "Faust" performance curtain call, the huge chandelier fell on Christine to torrent his anger and warning.

    When the plot line reached this part, they entered the second scene of the storyline.

    Half a year passed, and the Phantom that had caused everyone anxiety never appeared again. The chandelier was fixed and the theater organized a masquerade ball to celebrate this new start.

    Christine and Raoul, who had already secretly gotten engaged, were also dancing hand in hand among the crowd.

    When the joyous occasion reached a high, a customer suddenly appeared wearing a red Grim Reaper mask, shocking with this bizarre and frightening look.

    The mystery customer was the Phantom who had been lying low.

    Under the Phantom's meticulous arrangements, he disguised as someone else and managed to get the opportunity to share a stage with Christine.