Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919: Racing Heart

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"Open up your mind;

In this darkness that you know you cannot fight

The darkness of the music of the night

Close your eyes, start a journey through a strange new world..."

Finally, Christine opened a door that she came to and she found herself in a mysterious kingdom of darkness!

At the same time, the curiosity of the audience reached its peak.

Yet, Christine suddenly fainted amidst the beautiful song…

As the hearts of audience almost fell with Christine, a dark shadow flashed by and she slumped into someone's arms…

Wearing an English swallow-tailed coat with a furry shawl and a white mask, the half-revealed face was extremely beautiful. It was such a dignified figure, yet there lay a faint scent of evil…

He stared into the face of the girl who had fainted, his eyes filled with jealousy and the desire to own her, strong enough to burn everything down.

The whole venue was quiet as if time had stopped.

Han Zixuan finally realized what she had forgotten and her face turned pale instantly. It was too late, it was all too late.

After the short silence, screams burst out from the audience.


"Bro Xi!"

"Am I dreaming!?"

No one expected it. Even the fans who were familiar with the story of "The Phantom of the Opera" did not see it coming. Ning Xi had not played the role of the female lead. Instead, she had taken up the role of the Phantom.

It was the "Bro Xi" they had not seen in so long. Their excitement was no less than when they had seen Ning Xi again at the press conference of "The World".

On the huge screen to the left, Ning Xi's votes rose up sharply and Jiang Muye's eyes almost cramped looking at it.

Damn it! That's too much!

She just changed an outfit, didn't she? And she only revealed half her face!

What's so amazing about that?

Look at me, I am all gold and shiny, I am much cooler, aren't I?

Jiang Muye, who was looking for the missing female lead, was treated as an invisible man. Not only was his woman was taken away, his fans also ignored him.

Ning Xi was not affected at all as she fully immersed herself into the story.

The Phantom gently put Christine on the bed and ran his long fingers along her cheek.

"Give up your worldly desires,

Close your eyes, let the music free you off your shackles

Until then, until then, you'll become mine…

Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before

Close your eyes, and let the music set you free

Only then, only then, can you belong to me..."

When Ning Xi sang the words "belong to me", the shrieks in the audience almost went through the roof.

The next moment, Ning Xi took the girl's hand and put it on her chest. She gazed down and closed into the girl's lips…

"Floating, falling, sweet intoxication

Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation..."


As the roof was about to be blown off by the screams, all the hearts of the girls present were beating fast and they blushed as if they were the girl who had fainted on the bed and was almost going to be kissed.

Even the men could not avoid it. All of them were starting to blush, and they were not substituting themselves for the role of the Phantom. Instead, they felt as if they were the female lead!

The boys had to keep reminding themselves that they were straight, reminding themselves of their goddess to keep themselves straight.

In the end, they realized that their goddess were not as attractive as him…

The worst part was when they realized their goddess was Ning Xi herself!

Oh no, they were turning gay!