Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917: Long Awaited Stage Play

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Darkness filled Ning Xi's eyes.

When the "Back To The Origins" became popular, History had quickly plagiarized it and made a similar series. They even made claims that David had spent half a year on this design series. They even had the audacity to accuse Spirit of plagiarism.

While some rational consumers looked at the sequence of releases online and knew what was happening, it was just a very small portion of them.


She continued to believe that one line. Every scheme and trick was useless before true power.

Recently, her designer worked as if he was possessed by the God of design. Inspiration was flowing out. After the "Back To The Origins" series, he had another series out already, which was what she wore right now, named as "Love".

They could try and plagiarise again.

They could play their tricks once again, but would everyone be as stupid as they thought?

Ning Xi did not answer, but Jiang Muye understood that that designer could not have created anything when Ning Xi was not around. His inspiration came back the moment Ning Xi returned.

It was apparent that he took Ning Xi as his Muse Goddess, his source of inspiration.

"What's the order of our performance again?" Jiang Muye asked Xu Tao behind him.

"Pretty up front. We're number four, so you guys can go the backstage to prepare in a bit," replied Xu Tao.

"Heck! Why are we so up front? Shouldn't we go the last!?" Jiang Muye sounded unhappy.

Usually, in shows like these, the later you performed indicated a higher status.

Xu Tao rolled his eyes. "Did you forget that we're here to get more votes? We need more time. Plus, being up front is advantageous to us!"

Han Zixuan's side was not worried about the votes, so of course, she was prepared to go last.

After the host's opening speech, the guest performances started.

The performances in such events were the usual song and dance.

As expected, the first three were just singing and dancing. The professional singer and the other two actors were not that excellent, but the audience and fans did not really judge harshly because these two were actors as long as it was not too bad

The audiences were a little numb after the first three performances ended.

The host then announced the fourth performance, "Next up, we have Jiang Muye and Ning Xi presenting us the classic opera show 'The Phantom of the Opera'! It's the representative work of the opera expert Andrew Lloyd Webber, the outstanding use of music, romantic story, and wonderful dances that made itself a legend within the world of opera performances. What kind of performance will the most shipped couple bring to us today?"

"Ah! Jiang Muye! Ning Xi!"

"They are finally on the same stage again! I'm so happy!"

The audiences started yelling Jiang Muye and Ning Xi's names. Even the fans on streaming sites were spamming wildly as well.

While most of them were not a fan of opera shows, quite a number of them went up and researched upon it.

"I looked up.Muye was just made for the role of Raoul! Cool, handsome, and loving!"

"There seems to be a disfigured stalking ghost in it. He keeps on disturbing Christine and tried to take her away from Raoul"

"But why an opera show? Doesn't seem interesting... The last time my colleague took me to one, I almost fell asleep!"