Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1916

    Chapter 1916: Too Killer

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    Han Zixuan sat near the stage, her face instantly turning as dark as the bottom of a pot.

    She felt like she had racked her brains and used all sorts of methods to prepare for war with an enemy, holding a huge knife and bold ax with explosives tied all over her body, while the opponent had advanced without any hurry, unarmed and defenseless, dressed in a sack...

    As if she was a nobody that was not worth mentioning...

    The magnificent outfit that had initially filled her up with confidence currently felt like it had been bound to her body by a rope,filling her with shame.

    After the crowd was startled, then came the rise and fall of sneers.

    "Killer move... Han Zixuan dressed to the nines while Ning Xi just came over draped in a sack!"

    "She didn't pay any attention to her dressing!"

    "They're not even on the same level!"


    Han Zixuan was so angry that she started to tremble. The last time Ning Xi had stolen her limelight with a white qipao, she had never been this mad.

    As Zheng Anru watched the way Han Zixuan was about to lose control, then she quickly went over to console her, "Zixuan, don't be angry. Don't be angry. Don't bother with that witch who only knows how to pull tricks, even though she humiliated us, but with her terrible looks, she won't even be able to pull the fans' votes! Our ultimate goal for tonight is still the poll! Later on, when you snag all of the top spots, we'll viciously slap her in the face!"

    "I want all of the rankings!"

    "Of course!"


    After they settled into their seats, Jiang Muye shot Ning Xi a look with an indescribable expression. "Who gave you this idea?"

    "Why?" Ning Xi raised her brows.

    "It's too savage!" Jiang Muye said it as it was.

    At this moment, a head suddenly popped in from behind. Xu Tao said unhappily, "Hey, how can you say that?! Don't you think it's super awesome? We made Han Zixuan furious, and we can save money too!"

    Jiang Muye's mouth twitched. "Your main point is that it saves money, isn't it?"

    Xu Tao said earnestly, "You can't say that. Everything I do is for the company!"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    Xu Tao was sharp!

    "But isn't this a little too lacking in taste?! Whatever it is, you should at least respect the organizer. shouldn't you?" Jiang Muye grumbled.

    Ning Xi leaned her head on her hand as she said nonchalantly, "What are you worried for? There's still the award ceremony, later on. I'll change then."

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    With that tone that said, "I still have time to be cool after I win"...

    Did she have to be so arrogant?

    At this moment, the camera suddenly focused on them. Ning Xi instantly revealed a smile and greeted the fans behind the camera.

    A smile could overturn a state... that was how it was done.

    On the huge screen, Ning Xi's votes were swiftly increasing.

    Han Zixuan's votes were twice the number of Ning Xi's, and could not be surpassed by Ning Xi's bit of increment. However, the votes in Starlight's hands had already all been thrown out, so they had basically reached their peak.

    Jiang Muye subconsciously looked to the side. Ning Xi's soft and cozy outfit was close to a stay-at-home look, and with her gentle hair that casually draped over her shoulders, plus that spring breeze-like smile on her face, it was actually... even more breathtaking than her usual stunning and glittery look.

    There was a kind of harmless energy that warmed one's heart, making one feel that the person before them was light all over, engulfed by love, to the extent that anyone who looked at her would be infected by such a beautiful feeling.

    "Your outfit... Was it designed by your Imperial designer again?" Jiang Muye could not help but ask.

    That guy was too amazing. How could he always tap into this girl's extraordinary aura and moving elements?

    Ning Xi looked proud as she nodded. "Yep, it's a new design."

    "So quickly? A new one again? Weren't new designs just recently released?" Jiang Muye was shocked.