Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914: I'm Just Going To Drape A Sack On Me

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When they were styling, Jiang Muye started to impatiently walk around Ning Xi again.

"Ning Xiao Xi, have you chosen your gown? What are you going to wear tonight? I've just gotten information that that counterfeit is wearing some vintage gown that's been worn by some princess before and costs hundreds of millions. Just renting it for a day costs $ 8 million! There's no way our side could compare to that!"

Although Jiang Muye had spoken at length, Ning Xi only replied him with an "oh".

Jiang Muye was about to puke to death. "What do you mean by 'oh'? You need to at least reply with a sentence! What are you planning to wear?"

"I'm just going to drape a sack on me," said Ning Xi.

Jiang Muye was speechless.

I was being serious. Stop messing around!

I'm so tired!

Now, he finally understood the misery of managers when facing artistes who were not cooperative.


At 8 p.m, the much anticipated "Night of Starlight" finally began.

Everyone was glued to the live stream websites and in front of their televisions to support their beloved idols.

On the red carpet, the stars were looking very bright. All sorts of big shots signed their autographs and made their way in one after another.

Liu Xiaorou wore brand C's centennial anniversary gown, which complemented her grandeur and grace.

The host very knowingly complimented, "Xiaorou is incredibly beautiful today!"

"Yeah! This gown seems to be brand C's centennial anniversary design. I haven't seen anyone in the entertainment industry wear it until now!"

Had it been in the past, to be praised like that would have made Liu Xiaorou happy, yet now she still sulked.

It was true that this dress was precious, yet it had only reached her because Han Zixuan did not want it. In fact, it did not fit her image or suit her aura at all.

She did not even get to have a choice.

Previously, in Glory World, Xu Tao would attentively get everything in order for her. He would choose the most suitable outfit for her. To her chagrin, once she reached Starlight, all of the best resources, all of the rankings, and even the gowns, would wordlessly be given to Han Zixuan and the other A-listers.

On the huge screen to the left of the stage, the live update of the votes was displayed.

When she saw her name at the bottom of the list, Liu Xiaorou felt very upset.

However, even Yin Youyou was pushed down by Han Zixuan. She could only be the number two forever, so what more could she say?

Right at this moment, Liu Xiaorou did not expect to bump into someone.

"Senior Qin?" Liu Xiaorou was shocked.

"Xiaorou..." Even though she was prepared to bump into her at such an occassion, Qin Shuang still looked a little uneasy.

"It really is you, huh? I thought I saw wrongly!" Liu Xiaorou sized up this woman wearing a dark, low-profile gown as if she was very surprised to see her attending such an occassion.

After all, with Qin Shuang's status, she was not qualified enough to be a part of this kind of function.

"Why, are you here to join the event too?" Liu Xiaorou asked even though she knew the answer.

"I just wanted to join in the fun." Qin Shuang did not add further.

She had entered the industry a few years before Liu Xiaorou and had even called her "Senior", yet until now she was still just a C-lister. She really had no face before her.

Liu Xiaorou crossed her arms and examined Qin Shuang, shaking her head and sighing, "Senior Qin, I didn't want to say this. Even though your popularity is really not all that, but because Sis Youyou and I put in a lot of good word-of-mouth for you, back then Starlight was ready to just take you along with us too.

"But you actually didn't appreciate the kindness! Now, what future do you have staying in Glory World?

"Haha, you wouldn't still be stupidly believing Xu Tao, would you? Is she still saying that your capabilities can beat the others, that your foundation is strong, and that you're even stronger than Youyou and I? That you're just one opportunity away from soaring?"