Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1912

    Chapter 1912: Almost Bent Sideways!

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    At this moment, the fitting room in Xu Tao's office opened from the inside. A man wearing a retro European swallow-tailed coat came out

    Under the mask, the man's elegant lips started moving. "What happened? Qin Shuang doesn't want to do it?"

    "Ah" Qin Shuang looked at the "man" who suddenly appeared in front of her. She yelled and her eyes started to turn red. Her lips started trembling and she could not say anything.

    The man in front of her wore a full white tie suit, the most expensive male outfit in the medieval European era. Wearing the classic swallow-tailed coat, the white shirt andthe tie, accompanied by a shawl made out of black goat's fur draped over the shoulder, she looked just like a real prince straight out from a fairy tale

    "Bro... Bro Xi!" Qin Shuang was one of Ning Xi's most loyal fans, and she instantly recognized that the angelic man in front of her was Ning Xi in disguise.

    She never expected that Ning Xi would have given up on the female lead role to take up the highly difficult role of the Phantom instead!

    Qin Shuang looked at Ning Xi in the male outfit, feeling determined. If it was Bro Xi, she would be able to do it!

    Even her own fears and worries went away the moment she thought about having scenes with Bro Xi.

    Xu Tao was baffled the moment Ning Xi came out of the fitting room. It took some time for him to come back to his senses. He forcefully blinked his eyes which were glued on Ning Xi until just a moment ago.

    "Damn! Even a straight man like me was almost bent sideways by you!"

    Even though he knew how formidable Ning Xi could be in a male outfit, she had appeared as a girl after a year. Not just him, almost everyone had forgotten how Ning Xi had looked like in a male outfit back then.

    Until he saw her again, that impact blew his mind away

    It was easy to judge by looking at Qin Shuang's reaction.

    Xu Tao's mouth twitched and he did not seem very pleased. "How lucky is it to be handsome? It's useless no matter what I say, but one word from her and you're in?"

    Qin Shuang blushed and gazed down, but she did not want to avert her eyes away from Ning Xi. Her little eyes stared at Ning Xi as if she was looking at her long-lost lover.

    "Bro Xi, are you playing the character of the Phantom?" Qin Shuang asked as she looked at Ning Xi's props and the mask.

    Ning Xi nodded. "Mmm, Bro Tao and I decided on it a long time ago. We're informing you on the last day because we were worried Starlight might find out about our plan beforehand."

    Qin Shuang's eyes shone. "I see!"

    Ning Xi then used the white mask and covered half of her face. "You're the professional one. How do I look? Is it weird?"

    Qin Shuang pressed her palm against her racing heart as she shook her head as hard as possible. "Not at all! If I were Christine, I'd surely choose you instead of Raoul!"

    Xu Tao's office door swung open from the outside as Qin Shuang finished her sentence. Jiang Muye, who was playing Raoul, coincidentally overheard her and was enraged. "Damn! Why won't you pick me?"

    Jiang Muye then glanced over at Ning Xi who was wearing the retro-style clothes with her face half-covered

    "My... my eyes"