Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 191

    Chapter 191: I Think Its Better If We Just Eat Them

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    Lu Jingli stared at her with bitter lament all over his face. "Jerk! Of course its necessary! Put down the carrots, green vegetables and cabbage youre holding right now! I grew each and every single one of them myself! I watered them, fertilized them, played them music and told them jokes everyday! They are my babies! Hundred times more precious than gold! Haven't you noticed how rich and juicy they are! Theyre not just normal vegetables! Can normal vegetables be this pretty!"

    Ning Xi: ""

    She thought that he grew them for eating; she never expected in a million years that apart from chasing girls, Lu Jingli would have such a weird hobby

    "Put them down right now! Or Im going to be violent with you!"

    Ning Xi blinked. "But I picked them already! How about I give you money for them?"

    "You dare to insult my little babies withmoney! Ning Xi, Ill fight you!" Lu Jingli rolled up his sleeves and ran at her.

    Ning Xi had black lines on her head. She pulled Little Treasure after her. "Run "

    The two of them ran away panting. When they were still some distance away from the main entrance, Ning Xi shouted, "Lu Tingxiao! Help "

    "What is it?"

    As soon as Lu Tingxiao came out of the house, Ning Xi immediately pulled Little Treasure with her to hide behind him.

    Lu Jinglis face was full of accusation as he complained, "Brother, do you care or not, your familys two brats actually stole vegetables from my vegetable patch!"

    Lu Tingxiao: "I told them to."

    Lu Jingli: ""As expected, behind bratty children was a bratty parent!

    "Youre too much! I dont care, give my little babies back to me!"

    Ning Xi stuck her head out from behind Lu Tingxiaos back. "But your little babies are all dead!"

    "And whose fault is that! What, I cant bury them and say a prayer for them?"

    "Mm, I think its better if we just eat them!"

    "You, you you cold-blooded woman! If I cant get my revenge, then well die together!"

    Before Lu Jingli could reach Ning Xi, his way was suddenly blocked by a handsome-looking robot.

    Little Treasure, who was controlling the robot, stared at him calmly, as if warning Lu Jingli not to bully his precious auntie.

    Lu Jingli beat his chest with his fist and stamped his foot. "Ai! Where is the justice! Little Treasure, Im your second uncle! Why are you helping an outsider!

    Seeing three brats and one robot about to get into a fight, Lu Tingxiao knitted his eyebrows helplessly. "Nobody is fighting anyone. Jingli, come and eat with us."

    "Hell no" But before Lu Jingli finished speaking, he suddenly smelled the aroma of delicious food "Brother, you gave the maids the day off, right? Who cooked?"

    "I did!" Ning Xi instantly raised her hand.

    Lu Jinglis face was full of disdain: "You can cook? Is it edible?"

    But when he walked into the dining room and saw the table full of delicious dishes, Lu Jingli was dumbfounded. "Did you really cook all these?"

    Ning Xi quickly cooked up three dishes using the vegetables she had stolen from Lu Jinglis place.

    Having seen it with his own eyes, Lu Jingli had to believe it, but he still begrudged her for stealing his vegetables, and humphed haughtily. "What era is it now, that you still believe that foolish nonsense about the way to a mans heart being through his stomach?Three inches under the belly button is the main point, okay?"

    Ning Xi couldn't helping laughing;she and Lu Jingli were amazingly alike in their thinking and values!

    Nevertheless, the only person who could say she was stupid, was herself.

    "Oh, is that so?"Ning Xi lifted an eyebrow meaningfully, then picked up some rice and rib, and stuffed it into Lu Jinglis mouth.