Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1909

    Chapter 1909: Night of Starlight

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    Zheng Anru let out a long sigh of relief upon seeing two of Han Zixuan's steady number one spots. "It's just the first day and your votes are already so high. There's no way it can be surpassed! I told you that we don't even have to worry about that outdated star. She only knows how to play tricks. When it comes to competing in strength, it's game over for her!"

    And the so-called strength was not solely about individual strength, but most importantly, the company backing them, the connections, and the opportunities.

    How much did Ning Xi have?

    Han Zixuan looked unenthusiastically at her top spot on the ranking. There were no changes in her reaction as though it was just something within her expectations. Starlight definitely would not let her be toppled by Ning Xi anyway.

    However, when she saw Jiang Muye's equally high ranking, Han Zixuan looked quite sour.

    Zheng Anru noticed Han Zixuan's line of sight and knew what she was thinking about. She explained helplessly, "Jiang Muye was originally very popular. After the truth was revealed this time and his scandal was clarified, inevitably his popularity would rise too. Plus, this time Jiang Muye must've eaten the wrong medicine or something. In the past years, he would not make any effort, but this time he suddenly went all out...

    "To ensure that you can beat Ning Xi, Starlight has allocated all of its resources for you, so I'm afraidthe male artiste rankings can't be saved..."

    Han Zixuan was obviously aware of this logic too, but how could she stand this anger in her? The fact that Jiang Muye did not know how to appreciate her kindness, and kept making her look bad, even causing her to be scolded by his fans with no room to refute obviously led her being upset to see him do well.

    However, she knew as well that the priority was to keep Ning Xi down. She could not afford to be distracted and handle the other side, thus she could only temporarily surpress all of her feelings.


    The voting campaign was to go on for one week.

    In the next few days, Ning Xi increased her efforts to pull votes. With Xu Tao and Liang Feixing's careful planning, Ning Xi's votes rapidly increased. For both the categories, she managed to temporarily snag the second spot.

    Despite all that, she was still too far away from Han Zixuan who was on top of the ranks.

    Clearly, Starlight had pumped all of their resources into Han Zixuan. The number of votes were terrifying. In fact, from the way it seemed, they would not yield in either of the rankings.

    Because of Han Zixuan's firm presence, not only was it not much use for Ning Xi to climb to second place with too much difficulty, it even seemed mocking.

    It was already the last day and there was almost no suspense in the polls.

    Such a high intensity of pulling for votes had almost squeezed the fans' votes dry, so to rely on making a comeback on the last day was almost impossible.

    Even though Jiang Muye successfully dominated three categories, he still looked very down. "Bloody hell! If I knew that woman would be so sinister, I would've just let my fans give all their votes to you!"

    These past few days, Han Zixuan's team had been actively moving around to pull strings, using all sorts of tricks. First, she used her status to snatch up all the extravagant jobs, bombastically promoting and pulling votes from all around. Finally, she had even pretended to faint from exhaustion on the set. Then, Zheng Anru took the opportunity to weep about how Han Zixuan was so hardworking and slaved as if her life depended on it, garnering sympathy with a myriad of ways...

    "What are you worried for? It's not even the end yet." Ning Xi shot a side look at Jiang Muye who kept pacing about until her eyesight was blur.

    When he saw the way the main person involved, Ning Xi, was not worried, a certain observer was nearly furious. "There's just one final day left. How can I not be worried?"

    "There's still tomorrow night's 'Night of Starlight'," said NIng Xi with a hint in her eyes.

    Jiang Muye pouted and grumbled, "What use would that have? Besides, if you wait till then,it'll be too late!"