Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1908

    Chapter 1908: I'm Slaying The Poll This Time!

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    "Yes, yes, yes, Senior Jiang, may I know what it is you want to advise me about?" Ning Xi adapted to him and said sweetly.

    Jiang Muye immediately started to rattle on non-stop, "What else can I advise you about? Do you know how important the polls this time are for your comeback? Do you want to be stomped all over by that cheap counterfeit, Han Zixuan?

    "Why aren't you putting in more effort?! Pull up your votes!

    "This time, it's not aboutquality goods not needing advertising. If you don't announce or promote yourself, nothing will happen. Who will care about you?! You need to change your bad habit of only knowing how to immerse yourself in acting! Didn't Xu Tao teach you? Make an unreasonable scene,roll about, andact cute. Do one of each! If you really can't..."

    Ning Xi could not help but giggle. "If I really can't... should I post nudes like you?"

    Jiang Muye instantly jumped up in horror. "Of course not! I'm a man, so it's fine. Later on, I'll just post half a nude and muddle my way through. You can't! In their dreams! I'm saying that if you really can't, just pretend to be gentle and act coquettishly. All men are into that..."

    "Pfft... I didn't think that you'd be into that too, Senior Jiang?"

    "I'm saying most of the men! Most!" Jiang Muye shouted defensively, then he unhappily scoffed, "What are you laughing for? This is a very serious, very proper matter. What happened to our agreement of slaying the polls together?! I've finally become serious this time. Don't youlet me down at such a crucial moment!"

    He wanted to reach the top with her... To slay the polls together...

    If it was just him alone, then that would be meaningless!

    Having seen how Jiang Muye was finally serious and energetic to win, Ning Xi was more or less infected too. Even Jiang Muye was taking things seriously, so how could she slack off?

    She would not back down then. Since she was already back in the game, she obviously would give it her all.

    Moments later, from the other end of the phone came the girl's voice feigning nonchalance, "Don't worry, Senior Jiang. I'm slaying the polls this time."

    Even though she sounded at ease, it made Jiang Muye's heart intensely pulse for a moment. Indescribably and without reason, he believed her. He believed that she could really do it.

    However, Jiang Muye still miscalculated...

    He never would have thought that... Ning Xi's so-called poll slaying... would mercilessly include slaying him too...


    In Deer Town.

    Lu Tingxiao did not quite understand matters of the entertainment industry, especially with all the rankings. However, because of Ning Xi, he still systematically understood it and knew that this poll was very important to Ning Xi.

    "Do you need help?" Lu Tingxiao walked over to the girl.

    When Ning Xi heard him, she turned around and kissed Lu Tingxiao on the chin, then she smiled. "No need. Don't use a sledgehammer on a nut!"

    How could she bother her darling to handle people of those level?

    Lu Tingxiao saw the familiar bright radiance with three parts arrogance and seven parts ease in her eyes. His pupils abruptly shrunk and the temperature of his blood instantly started to rise.

    Once some things had its gates opened, it would be incredibly hard to continue controlling it.

    Her one meaningful glance and her subtle expression were enough to break the self-constraint that he took pride in, pulverizing it into nothing...

    When he realized it, he had already leaned over and kissed the girl's sweet lips that were as soft as a newly bloomed flower petal.

    When he suddenly kissed her mid-speech, Ning Xi blinked, perplexed, but very soon she accepted this kiss that came without a warning.

    "When you're done being busy, I want to bring you somewhere," said Lu Tingxiao.

    Oh, did her Darling actually want to bring her to play?

    Ning Xi immediately nodded with anticipation. She had even more motivation to work now. "Okay!"