Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1904

    Chapter 1904: Do You Think I'm An Idiot?

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    That sweet fragrance seeped through the door gap and at the same time, slid into the bathroom...

    Su Yan was soaping himself as he was thinking about how to deal with all the impending problems after the divorce.

    As he thought about that silhouette that appeared in his dreams every night, when he thought about how that girl was going to return to his side very soon and belongcompletely to him, not being able to be lusted after by other men, the final mercy he had left in his heart for Xueluo vanished without a hint.

    He just wanted to make up for his mistake and the damage he had done.

    The flowof waterstreamed down his body. Unknowingly, there was suddenly a reaction from the lower half of his body...

    At the same time, his mind was filled with uncontrollable images of the girl from the way she wore that red gown to walk down the red carpet like a blazing sun that dazzled, and the way she looked in the pure white gown like the soft crooning of an immortal fairy. Even if she wore a school uniform, her skin still glowed porcelain-white like snow in the depths of the night.

    He imagined... his own hand touching her... kissing her...

    Su Yan's hand could not restrain itself as he held onto his junk.

    It was precisely at this moment that the bathroom door was suddenly pulled open from the outside with a loud crash.

    Then in the midst of the ascending vapor, Ning Xueluo stood behind him, her fingers pulling the knot on her nightgown belt apart. Her nightgown instantly fell to her feet...

    Before her, Su Yan's eyes instantly filled with bloodlust. Fuelled by the vapor, her body slowly looked like Ning Xi's...

    In the next second, he dragged the woman by her wrist and pushed her against the cold wall.

    Next came the man's almost boorish needs...

    And the rough panting in her ear, "Xiao Xi... Xiao Xi..."


    By midnight, Su Yan was fast asleep on thebed.

    Ning Xueluo picked up her nightgown and looked at her bruised body, her head filled with the name Su Yan had called out earlier. Her expression was as fierce as a demon.

    The times that Su Yan had shared a bedroom with her had become lesser and lesser over the weeks. For the sake of bearing his child soon, she had to use some special methods. In this past one year, she had used that special essence oil many times to liven things up.

    Even then, in the worst situation, Su Yan had never cried out another woman's name.

    Yet now, he actually...

    That slut who could not even watch after her own man, that good-for-nothing slut who had been raped and even impregnated with a bastard. For what reason did he have to cry out her name?

    After Su Yan was sound asleep,Ning Xi's expression was incredibly cold as she took out an outdated handphone from her secret safe and then walked to the balcony on the top floor.

    "Hello?" When the call went through, the man on the other end sounded quite impatient.

    Ning Xueluo did not pay attention to the man's tone. Her voice was incredibly sharp as she commanded, "I want Ning Xi dead! Just kill her! Now! Immediately! Right away!"

    After a short silence, from the other end of the phone came a sinister snort. "Haha, Ms. Ning, please watch your tone! F*cking hell, do you think my people are your errand company?"

    The man's fierce voice made Ning Xueluo calm down quite a bit. She slowed down and said, "Money is no question as long as that woman completely disappears from this world! I don't want you to kidnap anyone, or threaten someone to secretly do it. Mistakes can happen too easily! I can't wait for another moment! I want her to die right now!"

    The man's tone was even more impatient. "That woman is a public figure. She has bodyguards by her side too. Do you think it's that easy to just assassinate her directly? Don't tell me that you don't know about this woman's relationship with the Zhuang family?

    "The last time you let me mess with Zhuang Rongguang, I was almost killed by you. Now, you want me to go kill Zhuang Zongren's niece? Haha, do you think I'm an idiot?"