Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1902

    Chapter 1902: Struggle

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    "Bro Yan, do you not want me anymore?" The girl wept as she looked up and asked.

    When Su Yan heard this, he probably felt guilty, so his heart skipped a beat. He turned stiff and could not answer.

    While Su Yan's reaction felt as if someone had splashed a bucket of icy water in her face, her fingernails stabbed deep into her palms.

    Su Yan!

    He had really thought of it!

    Ning Xueluo was filled with gloom on the inside, and the expression on her face looked even sadder. "Bro Yan, do you know no matter how hard I try, Grandfather's side would never take a second look at me. They even think I have ulterior motives, but... but I really just wanted to resolve the friction between Grandfather and Mother..."

    "I know you have good intentions," said Su Yan a little absent-mindedly.

    "I don't know where I went wrong either. Probably because Grandfather and Mother's conflict runs so deep, and because I've always been closer to Mother, so Grandfather speaks bluntly to me, yet... yet they acknowledged Ning Xi..." When she said this, Ning Xueluo's face crumpled with despair.

    Su Yan patted the girl's shoulder. "This has nothing to do with you. Probably... it's because Ning Xi has the blood of the Zhuang family running through her after all."

    When she heard this, Ning Xueluo suddenly turned pale. She laughed bitterly. "Huh, yeah... Bloodline... Sister is still the biological one. Who am I? Now, even Grandfather will only acknowledge Sister. I know... I'm not worthy... but I'm afraid... I'm really afraid...

    "Bro Yan, you know... back then, Mother was already very unhappy with me because of my identity. In this past year, I've been working very hard with all my might. Only then did Mother become satisfied with me...

    "B-but since the last time Mother saw Aunty bringing Ning Xi along to attend Madam Li's private gathering, her attitude towards me started to become worse. I'm really afraid... really afraid that Mother will hate me and force me to leave you..."

    As she said this, Ning Xueluo was already choking on her sobs.

    She did not mention Su Yan's change of heart, pretending to think that Su Yan was still affectionate towards her and putting on an act that she was worried that they would be broken up by his mother.

    As he watched the girl who was being skeptical and was losing her head over the fear of being separated from him, even if it was a decision that he had taken a whole year to settle on, even if earlier he had already talked to his father and had already decided on it...

    At this moment, Su Yan still hesitated.

    The words that he was going to say could not be uttered no matter what.

    Su Yan's brows furrowed. In the end, he just said, "Don't let your imagination run wild. How Ning Xi's past history is and how the Zhuang family treats her has nothing to do with you."

    Initially, he had not decided on the divorce because of this. Only this fact had, on a certain level, steadied his decision.

    Even if this layer of reasoning was not there, he would still have made this decision.

    Ning Xueluo leaned into Su Yan's embrace and cried inconsolably. "Bro Yan, actually... I'm really tired... really tired... but once I think about how I can be with you, as long as I know you love me, I can endure everything... I'm glad to endure everything..."

    Su Yan's expression was even stiffer now. His initially determined heart started to waver. Indeed, Xueluo had sacrificed much for him.

    However, his feelings at the moment were different from before. He only felt that he could not bear to do it, yet there was no hint of reluctance to part with her. Even watching the way Ning Xueluo was right now filled him with annoyance.

    At this moment, that bright and resplendent face flashed across his mind...

    That girl had never said such things before him or complained to him. When she faced him, it was forever with a lovely smile...

    That strong desire of winning that person over instantly calmed the man's chaotic state of mind brought about by Ning Xueluo's crying.