Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 190

    Chapter 190: Wanted To Be Someones Wife

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    With three people working together, they were quick to finish preparing a full table of dishes.

    Fried pigs trotters with chili and salt, crayfish in special sauce, spicy crab, grilled lamb leg, pan-fried beef steak

    Most of them were main dishes, and more meat than vegetarian. For someone like Ning Xi, who was always on a diet,this dinner was a major commitment!

    After all, Little Bun was still a little too skinny, and Lu Tingxiao also needed more nutrition since he was usually so tired from work.

    Looking at the table full of appealing and delicious dishes, Lu Tingxiao was surprised. "Now I believe what you said before."

    "About what?"

    "About becoming a chef."

    Ning Xi laughed merrily. "You thought I was exaggerating! Im a little out of practice, but years of experience dont lie!"

    "Did you want to be a chef at first?" Lu Tingxiao didn't understand.

    Ning Xis smile faded. "Dont laugh when I tell you this, but it wasnt because I wanted to be a chef I wanted to become someones wife ."

    Lu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes a little, and the slightest hint of ice came off him.

    "To become someones wife", what a touching sentence, but that "someone" wasn't him.

    "I was too naive back then, I thought the way to a mans heart was through his stomach! Who would've thought" At this point, Ning Xi suddenly stopped, and glanced apprehensively at Little Treasure,who was staring at the soup pot attentively. She moved slightly closer to Lu Tingxiao, and continued in a low voice, "Who wouldve thought that I placed my hand too high. The true position is three inches below the belly button. I cooked for him for years, but Ning Xueluo only had to sleep with him for one night. Pathetic, right?"

    "Hes the pathetic one, he will regret it." Lu Tingxiao comforted her as if he was stating a fact.

    Ning Xi admitted that she really was comforted by his words, and laughed lightly. "Okay, today is such a happy day, lets not talk about things thatll spoil the mood. After the soup is done, all I need to do is to stir fry some vegetables, and were all set!"

    Lu Tingxiao took a look at the vegetable basket. "We didn't get any vegetables."

    "We didnt?" Ning Xi stared dumbly. "What about cauliflower? Carrots?"


    "Eh so I actually only bought meat? How can we eat all this without greens? Itll be too oily! We did get some eggplants as a gift, but it isnt enough for a dish"

    So far, they had eight meat dishes and just two vegetable dishes, lotus slices in cane sugar and cold sweetened tomato slices

    "Its fine, Illgo over to Jinglis place and pick some."

    "Huh? Second Young Master has this kind of thing?" Ning Xi was astonished.

    "Mm, he has a greenhouse for vegetables at the back."

    "Awesome! But I should be the one to go! You definitely don't know what to pick!"

    "Alright, then Ill watch the soup. Let Little Treasure take you, since the guards don't know who you are," Lu Tingxiao reminded her.

    "Okay! Be right back!"

    Because Little Bun was with her, Ning Xi was able to enter the greenhouse in the courtyard behind Lu Jinglis house without a hitch.

    The vegetables in the greenhouse were really amazing, they were rich and juicy, and much fresher than those at the market, since they were just harvested, after all.

    Lu Jingli that guy really knew how to eat well

    As she carried a basket and plucked vegetables with Little Treasure, a series of sharp alarm sounds suddenly went off above their heads.

    Ning Xi lifted her head. "Whats going on?"

    Soon after that, there was a loud roar behind them

    "Ho! You little thief! You actually dare to steal this young masters vegetables! Eh Little Treasure Ning Xi" Lu Jingli was in pajamas, his hair was messy from having just woken up.He had a stupefied expression on his face as he looked at the two of them.

    Holding the basket, the corners of Ning Xis mouth twitched."You put an alarm system in your greenhouse Second Young Master, was it necessary to go that far? Do you have gold buried here or something?"