Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1899

    Chapter 1899: Getting Things Back On The Right Track

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    Back then, his heart was full of this fragile girl. He was her only person to rely on, her everything.

    She said she was too afraid to lose him which was why she had made the mistake. He had been touched and just forgave her.

    He felt that if the truth was revealed, Xueluo would be left alone, so he accepted all of her and protected her from harm.

    However, the truth was that even though the truth was revealed, Xueluo was still being treated as the daughter of the family. She was well-educated and was loved by Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu. Even he betrayed Ning Xi and had gone to her side.

    As for Ning Xi, she left her foster family and was not loved by even her own parents. In the end, even he…

    Until time made it clear for him, he finally understood that what he did back then was very cruel to the other girl.

    He finally realized that his feelings for her had never faded when he saw how the girl shone through her efforts…

    How did things end up like this?

    In the end, because he was the eldest son of the Su family, even after staying in a rural area for so many years, pride still filled his bones.

    Ning Xi had been a presence of warmth for him when he was alone in the rural area, but the moment he went back to Imperial, everything reminded him of his status. Ning Xi could never fit into his society, so he slowly grew tired of her and even started to avoid her.

    At that moment, Ning Xueluo appeared and had been throwing hints at him, making it difficult for him not to fall for her when she was such a good match...

    Similarly, because of his pride, no matter how well-matched he was with Ning Xueluo, he felt a sting in his heart when he found out about Ning Xueluo's true identity, especially after her real identity was exposed to the public.

    With his ego, how could he accept the pity and people rejoicing over his misfortune when they were talking crap about him behind his back! ?

    Now, he was just getting things back on the right track.

    His wife, Su Yan's wife, should be a real daughter from a prestigious family. She should be a respectable person!

    As of now, he would do anything to get the girl who waited for him and loved him for so long back.

    He could not wait to tell her that he had become a free man already.

    He could not wait to see smiles and expressions of love from the girl's cold face again.

    Su Yan's eyes became more determined. "I'll take care of Xueluo's side, but I'll need your help with the Ning family."

    At this moment, everything related to the benefits that Su Hongguang could reap went through his mind. He was truly enraptured by this idea as he said slowly, "If you've decided, your mother and I can only help this much…"

    If everything went well, as long as Su Yan and Ning Xi's relationship was secured, he might make it in time to get that piece of land.

    He did not need to think about the number of benefits he would get in the future…

    As for Ning Xi's side, Su Hongguang did not seem to worry about it and did not ask anything more. That girl was head over heels for his son. Now that his son was willing to get a divorce for her, she would never say no!