Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1896

    Chapter 1896: Ferocious Display of Affection

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    When he felt the girl's body curl up, the man instantly stopped what he was doing.

    While such a pause was torture to the man, he asked hesitantly, "Does it hurt?"

    Ning Xi could barely speak.

    Why... why? It's already not the first time... but it still hurts so much...

    Boss... are you sure your... your... your... your thing's size is normal?

    When she saw that Lu Tingxiao still put her first at such a moment, Ning Xi's tensed up body unconciously relaxed. She smiled and rubbed against his neck. "I'm fine..."

    The girl's kitten-like gentle tone and expression completely tore away the man's final strand of self-control...

    In the huge office, all that was left between the two of them was a sweet and ambiguous rhythm...

    At this moment, Ning Xi's phone that was in her bag suddenly rang.

    In her haze of pleasure, Ning Xi recovered some clarity. "The phone..."

    However, before she could finish, she was already losing all her ability to think as the devil collided into her with increasing intensity. She could only go with his flow...


    Much, much later on, Ning Xi finally knew how naive and ignorant she was.

    She had miscalculated!

    Even tigers were not as ferocious as the Boss!

    She had actually boasted shamelessly about how her body was awesome and that there would be no problem.

    However, the problem was that even if her body was fine, she was afraid that she could not handle the devil's needs.

    Uhh, she was suddenly a little worried about her future...


    At the same time, in Deer Town.

    Baby Little Treasure immediately stood up. "I want to go look for Mommy!"

    He could not get through to Ning Xi's phone, so the little guy was worried.

    At this moment, Lu Jingli had also just called Lu Tingxiao and found that he could not get through too.

    If it were just Ning Xi's or Lu Tingxiao's phone that was not getting through, he might have been less worried, but now that the both of their phones could not be reached, then...

    When he thought about this, he suddenly had a profound expression. He said, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, baby! Trust me, your mother is fine!"

    "But Mommy wouldn't not pick up Little Treasure's calls!" Little Treasure insisted with a stern face.

    "She must have something she can't get away from!" Lu Jingli explained.

    He suddenly had a bad feeling that the display of affection this time would probably be enough to stuff him to death...

    "Impossible! No matter what happens, Mommy wouldn't not pick up Little Treasure's calls!" Little Treasure's tone was certain.

    Lu Jingli shook his head pitifully and thought to himself, "Baby, there really are some things... In fact, I'm afraid that you'll be tortured many times in the future... This is just the beginning..."

    "Don't worry. Let me call and ask again," said Lu Jingli, then he called Cheng Feng.

    "Hello, Assistant Cheng! Have you seen my sis-in-law?" Lu Jingli straight up asked.

    "I have. Earlier the Lady Boss came to the office," answered Cheng Feng.

    "Where's she now then?"

    "I'm not too sure about that. I've left work, but when I left, the Lady Boss and Boss hadn't left." Cheng Feng thought for a while, and finally cleared his throat before hesitantly added, "Um, Second Master, if it's not an emergency, it's best that you don't disturb them now..."

    Tsk, tsk, indeed...

    I am really highly intelligent!

    "Alright, got it."

    Lu Jingli hung up.

    Okay, now he did not need to worry.

    Nevertheless, on Little Treasure's end...

    Lu Jingli sucked in his hot tears as he resigned to coaxing the child for a long time. Finally, he managed to calm Little Treasure down.

    Forget it, his brother had endured it for so long. It was not easy either, so he would not bother about this round of display of affection...