Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1890

    Chapter 1890: Your Brother-in-law

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    "But, Sis... you... why are you wearing our school uniform?"

    "I'm disguising as a student! Do I look like it?" Ning Xi chuckled.

    Tang Nuo nodded vigorously. "You do! I couldn't even tell that you apart from the others!"

    "Xiao Nuo, you've grown much taller again, and you're even more handsome now. I almost didn't recognize you! How's it going? There must be a lot of girls in school who like you! Do you have a girlfriend already?" Ning Xi teased.

    Tang Nuo instantly blushed and he scratched his head. "Sis, don't tease me now. I just want to study properly. I've never thought of getting a girlfriend!"

    "Pfft..." When she heard the young man say that he wanted to study properly in such an earnest manner, Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    "Sis, how did you come over?" Tang Nuo asked.

    "I walked over. It's not that far anyway."

    "Ah! How tiring was that?! Quickly sit down and rest for a while!" Tang Nuo quickly rushed over to hold her.

    Ning Xi waved her hand nonchalantly. "I'm not that weak! My manager was just exaggerating at that press conference video you saw. Actually, I have a friend who concocted some medication for me and I've recovered pretty quickly. At least, now I'm pretty much fine."

    "Really? That's great!"

    "Let's go. Let's walk around the field!"

    "Okay." Now, the young man was assured.

    The night breeze was a little cool. Tang Nuo considerately put his coat on Ning Xi's shoulders. "Sis, don't catch a cold!"

    Ning Xi gathered the coat around her and her face was covered in warmth. "Thanks! Good boy!"

    The two of them walked and chatted.

    Ning Xi asked in concern, "Are you adapting well to Imperial?"

    Tang Nuo fell silent for a while, then he said, "At first, I wasn't adapting too well... After all, we were from a small village. When I was back there, the entire village was proud of me, but I only found out when I reached here... that actually I'm nothing. This feeling of disparity actually hit me quite bad..."

    The young man looked melancholic, but very soon he seemed fine again. "However, that was just the start! After that, I slowly adapted and now I get along quite well with everyone!"

    The young man had only mentioned it briefly, yet one could imagine the kinds oftwists and turns he must have experienced back then.

    When Tang Nuo finished his reminiscing, he glanced slightly wistfully at the girl beside him. "Sis, back then... when you left home to come here... it must've been like this too, wasn't it?"

    Ning Xi sighed softly. She gazed up at the night sky above her. In front of Tang Nuo, she would not deliberately hide the truth, so she slowly said, "Yep... every day... every day I missed home. I wanted to go back but... I can't miss... I couldn't miss home. Since I had already made such a decision, I couldn't go back anymore..."

    As he listened to the girl's words, Tang Nuo's fists clenched. Apart from feeling his heart ache, he did not know what to say.

    Unfortunately, he had been too young back then and could not do anything.

    "Sis, do you still hate Bro Su Yan?" Tang Nuo asked.

    Ning Xi looked at the young man who felt anguish for her. Her sparkling eyes reflected the bright starlight. "Hate? I should thank him! If it wasn't for him, how could I have met that person?"

    When the girl said this, warmth spread across her face and there was not a hint of gloominess.

    Tang Nuo was instantly infected by the girl's emotions too. "Sis! Are you talking about your boyfriend?"

    Ning Xi smiled and corrected him, "Not boyfriend. It's your brother-in-law. We're already married."

    When Tang Nuo heard this, he immediately looked shocked, then he exclaimed incredibly joyously, "Really?"

    Probably after his experience with Su Yan, he had actually been disturbed that Lu Tingxiao was not sincere towards her, that he might have just fancied his sister's charm and wanted to mess around or something. He would never have thought that they had already gotten married!