Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 189

    Chapter 189: Apron Play

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    After a number of extraordinary events, the three of them finally arrived back home.

    After taking all the bags to the kitchen, the first order of business wasn't to cook, but to take a shower.

    The three of them were covered in varying amounts of fairy dust and little diamonds. Any one of them could be dropping thousands of yuan as they moved, and Ning Xi watched each step she took very carefully, which was torture.

    After a shower, Ning Xi changed into a comfortable outfit which was easy to move around in, taking on the stance of someone about to go all out.

    "Need help?" Lu Tingxiao came downstairs with Little Treasure.

    Little Treasure smelt so nice after a shower, and Ning Xi squeezed him in a hug. "Call Wanwan to come help me, the two of you only need to go watch TV and wait to eat. You just showered, theres no point in getting dirty again!"

    "Wanwans not around, I gave all of them the day off," Lu Tingxiao said.

    "Day off?" Ning Xi thought for a bit, and realized that it might actually be good for Little Treasure to get involved himself, so she said, "Then the two of you help me out. Do you have aprons? I forgot to buy them when we were out shopping just now!"

    "We should have." From the pile of plastic bags, Lu Tingxiao took one bag out and opened it to reveal three aprons inside, all in the same color and pattern. Two were large-sized, and one small.

    "Huh? When did you buy these?" Ning Xi asked in surprise.

    "The girl selling the crabs gave them to me for free."

    "Eh, okay" They really gave away all kinds of free stuff these days!

    Ning Xi took the small apron and called Little Bun over. "Little Treasure, come here, let me help you put this on."

    Little Treasure obligingly raised his short arms in great expectation.

    Ning Xi helped him put it on, tied the apron strings at the back, and tutted, "Darling, youre so cute even in an apron!"

    Saying that, she turned her head and saw that Lu Tingxiao had put the pink apron on over his casual suit unexpectedly, he still looked dazzlingly handsome.

    It also created an unexpectedly cute contrast.

    "Ahh, thats it I cant help it, I need to take photos again!" Ning Xi ran off to grab her cellphone and started to take photos non-stop, from time to time giving Little Bun things like tomatoes and ribs, anything that could be used as a prop, to hold.

    Next to the cute little bun was a cool big bun, who should have looked a little out of place, but together, they looked incomparably loving.

    "Shall I take some of you?" Lu Tingxiao asked suddenly.

    "Huh? No need"

    "You and Little Treasure together." Lu Tingxiao helped her put the apron on as he spoke.

    Little Treasure couldn't contain himself any longer, and flew over to Ning Xi.

    Actually, Ning Xi selfishly didn't want to leave too many traces and memories, but she was helpless to resist Little Treasures expectant eyes.

    Forget it, what was the point of thinking so much! Enjoy the wine today, and leave the worries for tomorrow!

    The photos of Ning Xi and Little Bun together looked a lot more natural, as Ning Xi led Little Bun in doing plenty of funny gestures and movements.

    Like having Little Bun hold a bunch of lotus roots and posing as if he was releasing shockwaves with them, and Ning Xi acting as if she was being blown away by it in the end, they had so much fun they forgot all cooking!

    "Damn it, Lu Tingxiao, you can do everything! Why are you so good even at taking photos! The composition and the lighting, everything is too perfect!" Ning Xi was browsing through the photos on her phone, and was deeply amazed.

    She really wanted to use these as her phone wallpaper but that wasnt possible.

    After all, Little Treasures circumstances were very unusual, and she was usually very careful to not divulge any news related to him.

    If she had such a cute son, she definitely wouldnt be able to stop herself from posting pictures of him all day everyday, until everyone unfriended her online!