Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1886

    Chapter 1886: Ning Xi Again

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    There were tons of others who were paying attention to this press conference as well.

    In Glory World Entertainment, inside the practice room, the new and experienced artistes watched the live stream together and cheered emotionally.

    "Oh! Bro Tao's dominance! Now, Han Zixuan and the others will suffer!"

    "I didn't think that the reason Bro Xi had retired back then would turn out to be like this!"

    "Oh my God, a car crash and ended up in a vegetative state! When I saw Bro Xi performing with that spike earlier, I even said things about how her skills had deteriorated. I want to apologize to Bro Xi! Bro Xi, you don't have to be so cool!"

    "Senior Jiang is cleaned of injustice and Bro Xi is back too! Now, our Glory World really has a chance of being saved!"


    Compared to Glory World Entertainment that was in high spirits, Starlight Entertainment was in an unprecedented gloom.

    The moment Ning Xi's comeback press conference ended, all of Starlight's upper management team immediately called for an emergency meeting.

    Zheng Anru was so angry that she could puke blood at the moment. "That Xu Tao! He's extremely shameless! What did his last sentence even mean?! He's clearly trying to say that Ning Xi's car crash was arranged by us! Immediately get a lawyer! I want to sue him for slander!"

    The public relations director, Liu Wenliang, shot her a side look and said, "He only said that the culprit is still on the loose. He didn't say anything apart from that. How are you going to sue them? On the contrary, it's you, the manager, who said things without thinking. You openly said such baseless things on that past occassion. 'Rely on herface and body to sell herself'? Now, you've given them something to use against you! Look at how they're cursing us online!"

    Zheng Anru said coldly, "What do you mean baseless? Everyone knows that Ning Xi relied on her face and figure. Does this truly need proof?"

    Liu Wenliang sneered. "If you have proof, then show it! Is it enough to just say that everyone knows? Are such things to be uttered by a gold-plated manager? I can't communicate with you at all!"


    Zheng Anru was about to retort when Wang Haojun angrily cut her short. "Enough, you two! Stop arguing! Did I call you over to fight?"

    Ning Xueluo had just finished handling the issue with Spirit. Right after that, she received the news from Starlight about the drama and at this moment, she was extremely annoyed. "Didn't the last promotional event alert you people enough? Why do such problems keep happening?"

    Damn it!

    Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Why was it Ning Xi again!?

    Zhao Wenliang said in a lowered voice, "Vice CEO Ning, it's not that we weren't alert. Ning Xi's team had solid evidence. Their reason couldn't be refuted at all. No matter how we tried to be vigilant, we were caught off-guard. We didn't think that Xu Tao would incite the fans, and even shamelessly attack us by subtly implying something!

    "Even though Xu Tao's side doesn't have proof, gossip is a fear monger. Once such a thing gets out, it'll affect an artiste's reputation hugely."

    Ning Xueluo pinched the space between her brows. "Then, we'll just seize the fact that there's no proof. We definitely can't let the fans be riled up. As for Anru, post a public apology right now and be more sincere with your attitude."

    "What? Me, apologize?" Zheng Anru's expression suddenly changed into one of disbelief. She subconsciously glanced at Han Zixuan.

    Han Zixuan looked impatient with her immaturity. "If you don't apologize, are you waiting for me to do it then?"

    Zheng Anru instantly fell silent.

    Wang Haojun held his forehead while his head throbbed. "That's the only thing we can do now. Try our best to redeem the loss. Anru, you must take the burden for this matter. Zixuan's image cannot suffer any damage."