Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1885

    Chapter 1885: Yearned For By The Public, Irresistible Trend

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    So far, Ning Xi's comeback was completely craved for by the public and became an irresistible trend, which could not be stopped by any external force.

    At the final part of the press conference, Xu Tao sneered. "The culprit of Ning Xi's accident is still on the run."

    This sentence carried a subtle undertone. Although no one was named, it instantly pushed Han Zixuan towhere the wind and the waves were the fiercest, ruthlessly implicating her.

    Once Ning Xi had disappeared, Han Zixuan had risen steadily from being a newbie in Glory World Entertainment to replacing Ning Xi and becoming an A-lister in the entertainment industry.

    Then, was Ning Xi's car crash back then an accident or intentional?

    If it was intentional, who could have been the orchestrator?

    This unlimited imagination was left to those reporters who relished coming up with huge news!

    After the press conference ended, in the car, Liang Feixing smiled and raised a hand. Xu Tao raised his brows and reached out to give him a high-five to celebrate.

    Liang Feixing stared at his high-spirited manner and clicked his tongue. "Only you could ever do such shameless things! You really implicated her like an experienced thief!"

    Of course, he was an expert in inciting the will of the people too!

    Xu Tao was smug after being praised as he nodded. "Of course!"

    Then, he virtuously covered his face and turned to take credit from Ning Xi who was sitting in the back seat. "My queen, what did you think about my performance today? Have I passed the probation?"

    Ning Xi did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "Mmm, not bad."

    She was used to Ling Zhizhi's way of doing things by the book, which was completely different from Xu Tao's style.

    However, to handle such a complicated and sticky situation such as hers right now, Xu Tao's slick and sly way was indeed an advantageous thing too as it could make up for what she lacked.

    "Hahaha, now Zheng Anru and Han Zixuan's team must definitely be exploding in anger! And Wang Haojun, that son of a bitch too! Who told you people to steal my people?!"

    Xu Tao was elated as he felt that the resentment he had kept in for so long could finally be released.

    The most important first step had been successfully executed, so Liang Feixing was relieved, but he still said carefully, "It's true that this time will be enough to dampen their strength, but it's impossible to cripple her with just this one blow."

    Xu Tao shook his leg excitedly as he stared at Ning Xi with shining eyes. "What are you afraid about? Do you doubt that mygreen dragon crescent blade can't beat Zheng Anru's lousy kitchen knife?" Ning Xi was speechless.

    This metaphor of his...


    At the same time, Jiang Muye had just finished watching the live stream of Ning Xi's comeback press conference.

    When he saw all the flooding comments of "Jiang Muye is so manly" and "Jiang Muye and our Bro Xi are so matching", a certain blondie was in an incredibly cheerful mood.

    Jiang Muye picked up his phone and called Lei Ming. "Hello, Bro Ming!"

    "Hey, Master, what do you need?" Lei Ming asked nervously. It was always he who called this Little Master as this guy rarely looked for him first.

    "Make an appointment with a stylist for me!" Jiang Muye instructed.

    Lei Ming was shocked to hear this. "Oh my God! My Little Master, you've finally come around! I'll make the appointment right away! Um, but what style do you want?"

    "You know what? I agree to change my style."

    Lei Ming was speechless.

    Was Jiang Muye unexpectedly being extremely cooperative?

    "This time, the most popular male artiste must be me. Make progress with me! Got it?" Jiang Muye commanded.

    Lei Ming had no words to reply yet again.

    Not only was he cooperative, he even wanted to improve himself!

    In the past, he had to beg him every time, pleading with him to improve himself while he looked indifferent and impatient.

    He was in disbelief. He had finally made it!