Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1884

    Chapter 1884: Who Gave You The Confidence?

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    Xu Tao's gaze swept across all the reporters who had fallen into absolute silence. Then, from the corner of his eye, he skimmed the way the fans were flooding the online stream from his phone.

    Huh, do you think it's over?

    "Huh, a huge drawback in capabilities? Not improving herself? Deceiving fans? Ning Xi laid in a vegetative state for a whole year. When she woke up, even the basic acts of walking and speaking required a whole lot of effort. Even if she persevered with the recuperation, there was no way she could've returned to how she was back then, yet, even so, she could still wipe out a certain person's achievement from the so-called half a year of professional training!

    "Who's the one that's not improving themselves?! Who's the one deceiving the fans?! Who's the one that's doing it for the money?!

    "Damn it! They can't even compare to a person in a vegetative state, and still, they dare to present themselves as a hardworking and diligent role model! Who gave you such confidence?!"

    Xu Tao's voice echoed through the entire hall. His attack had unexpectedly targeted Han Zixuan directly.

    "Ning Xi already swept all of the awards a year ago. She took over the entertainment industry. She put in all her hard work. Even if God had played a huge joke on her, even if she was forgotten by everyone in this world, she already had no more regrets.

    "At the start, Ning Xi didn't have any plans to come out of retirement. However, some people weren't satisfied with their small gains and kept pressing on!"

    When he said this, Xu Tao's gaze abruptly turned cold.

    At the same time, Liang Feixingprojected an edited video on the huge screen behind him.

    In the video, a reporter in a red shirt mentioned that Ning Xi's portrayal of Meng Changge could not be surpassed by the likes of the fans of the original version. They had asked for Han Zixuan's opinion on this.

    Up next was Han Zixuan's answer...

    Every word and every sentence wereinsinuated with insults.

    They had even said, "Zixuan cannot be placed on par with a sub-standard person who uses her face and body to make it to the top. This is an insult to Zixuan".

    When Zheng Anru mentioned "sub-standard person who uses her face and body to make it to the top" in the video, the fans in the streaming sites instantly exploded and cursed in rage.

    Zheng Anru finally said, "I hope everyone won't ask such insulting questions in the future. Don't mention Zixuan's name in the same sentence together with some unbearable people of poor moral conduct."

    The wrath of all of the fans in the streaming sites reached their peak!

    At the same time, something dawned on everyone.

    [F*ck you! Bloody hell, Zheng Anru! You actually said such things about our Bro Xi?! As a gold-plated manager, you actually slandered her in a public setting without any evidence! You even slandered the industry's senior! Is this your professionalism, your attainment in self-cultivation?]

    [Ah! My dearest, I suddenly found out about something! Jiang Muye! It turns out that Jiang Muye suddenly left the press conference and even posted that foul-mouthed Weibo on behalf of Bro Xi!]

    [Oh my God! Really?! Jiang Muye suddenly left after Han Zixuan's manager said all those things! That's way too cool, man!]

    [That Weibo scolded her justly! Completely to everyone's satisfaction!]

    [Even cooler is our Bro Xi, alright? Do you guys still remember when Bro Xi answered that reporter, "Who said that I wasn't here to mess things up"?]

    [Oh! I want to ship XiYe forever! Han Zixuan, whatever! Buzz off!]


    The reporters present would never have expected such a turn of tables, especially the reporters that Zheng Anru had slipped in. They were all dumbfounded.

    Xu Tao caught them off guard one after another and they left in defeat.

    This comeback press conference had not only clarified everything. It had even savagely delivered one stinging slap after another on Han Zixuan's face...