Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882: Truth

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"Let's wait and see what Bro Xi says."

"What's there to see? No matter what, she could've said something and let us know, couldn't she? But no, there's nothing at all!"

"I still think Zixuan is better. She always interacts with us and it feels great! I feel like I'm being valued!"

More and more comments like these popped up. The spammers Zheng Anru arranged to the point of Ning Xi "abandoning" her fans, stepping on Ning Xi and at the same time, trying to boost Han Zixuan's reputation.

"Thank you for coming to the media partners. Also, thank you to all the fans who are watching before the TV right now"

The press conference started and Liang Feixing gave a short opening. Then, he handed the mic to Ning Xi. "Ning Xi will explain the reason for her retirement a year ago to everyone."

The venue became eerily quiet as Liang Feixing finished his sentence. Even the comments section of the streaming sites paused for a while.

Suddenly, everyone was focused on the girl in the middle of the stage.

Even Xu Tao and Liang Feixing were a little anxious. Although they had definite proof, this step was the key.

There was a short silence after Ning Xi took the mic from Liang Feixing. She then started talking, "I'm sorry. It's only now that I can be here and speak to everyone... The reason that I retired a year ago was that I met an accident and fell into a vegetative state. I was in a coma."

The reporters were shocked by Ning Xi's words. After the short break, the comments section on the streaming sites went crazy.

"A vegetative state!"

"Bro Xi became a human vegetable?"


"Am I hallucinating?!"

Liang Feixing and Xu Tao were watching everyone's reactions as they waited for Ning Xi to continue. They then realized Ning Xi had already put down the mic.

Liang Feixing was distraught. She had really just explained it briefly and did not say anything else!

Xu Tao looked helpless. He thought that from Ning Xi's performance at the press conference of "The World", he need not worry about that night, so he had just given her some reminders.

He finally realized that Ning Xi was really bad at acting weak to gain herself sympathy.

Was that why she had chosen to sing in order to express herself at that time?

Luckily, Liang Feixing and Xu Tao were great at controlling the circumstances. Liang Feixing quickly had people deliver the documents to prove to the reporters at thescene. They also put it up on the big screen behind them.

"What's this?"

"I don't know! Let me take a look"

"Gosh! It's the diagnosis report... Brain injury... Vegetative state!"

The reporters and the fans on the streaming sites were dumbstruck by the solid proof before they had any chance to ask questions.

At the same time, Xu Tao said with a painful expression, "Back then, when Ning Xi was injured... Everyone thought a miracle would happen... That this girl would surely wake up

"After all that she's been through... Putting in so much effort... She finally got what she deserved... She had so many... so many fans who were waiting for her

"All of us believed that your thoughts, your love for her would wake her up

"So, we did everything we could to hide the news"