Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1880

    Chapter 1880: So Cool

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    Damn it! Had the Second Master not returned to the corporation? Why did he suddenly come to Glory World?! And he had appeared at such a time too!

    Yi Xudong wiped the cold sweat on his forehead away and said politely, "Second Master, it's not what you think it is. These two people have really beenbehaving unscrupulously. Ning Xi coming out of retirement is such a huge matter. How can they act so recklessly!?

    "This past year, Glory World's situation hasn't been fantastic...

    "However, back then, Ning Xi had suddenly gone missing. Ling Zhizhi didn't care about the company and just resigned too, so I could only rack my brains and find Han Zixuan, the most suitable person to replace Ning X, but who would've thought that Han Zixuan and Zheng Anruwould be so ingratituous and take all the opportunities with them to jump to a different company?They even took away so many of our people. All of this was Starlight's plot!

    "Nevertheless, Second Master, don't worry! I'll personally take over everything on Ning Xi's side. I'll definitely make Glory World return to the way it was!"

    As long as he could make a comeback, all of this would not be a problem anymore...

    Yi Xudong expressed his loyalty as he pushed away all of the blame. It was Ning Xi's fault, Ling Zhizhi's fault, Han Zixuan's fault, Zheng Anru's fault, Starlight Entertainment's fault... Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with him.

    This level of shamelessness made anyone astonished.

    Lu Jingli was all smiles as he looked at this man who wasfull of flattery before him. "Do I look like an idiot?"

    On the side, Xu Tao's mouth twitched and Liang Feixing had turned his head to suppress his laughter.

    Yi Xudong's features suddenly twisted. "No... no way! Second Master, where did you get that idea!?"

    The smile on Lu Jingli's face suddenly faded away and turned into a sharp and cold expression. "I've never touched the company's artistes, but you've got a huge appetite. Do you think the company is your harem? Do you want to bestow favor upon whoever you wish? Do you want to give opportunity to whoever as you wish?"

    When he was in raging anger, Lu Jingli's tone was on par with Lu Tingxiao's. That huge, repressing aura had completely toppled Yi Xudong's thoughts of initially wanting to get away by cracking jokes.

    Yi Xudong broke out in cold sweat as he braced himself and gave a final struggle. "N-no... How could I have touched the company's artistes? All of those were rumors. Don't trust them, Second Master... I was really doing it wholeheartedly for the company!"

    Lu Jingli already did not have the patience to hear this person's rubbish. He just raised his hand and let the people behind him, who had been transferred to handle Glory World, handle Yi Xudong.

    Yi Xudong was struggling until he was taken away. He could not figure out why Lu Jingli would have suddenly appeared.

    Damn it!

    Liang Feixing! Xu Tao!

    It must be these two bastards!

    They had actually lodged a complaint about him behind his back!

    He would really like to see what Glory World Entertainment, which was just left with an empty shell, would turn out to be likeafter chasing him away.

    No matter how Han Zixuan was, he had still managed her. Did they really count on Ning Xi to defeat Han Zixuan, and even save the whole Glory World?

    What a joke!

    When he saw that Lu Jingli had handled Yi Xudong without an ounce of demure, Xu Tao let out a long sigh of relie. He did not forget to brownnose him. "Second Master, you're indeed wise and brilliant, distinguishing right and wrong with acuity!"

    Lu Jingli said without any expression, "I've already helped you resolve what should be resolved. The new CEO will coordinate your work. If you need anything, just go to him."

    "Thank you, Second Master."

    "Mmm." Lu Jingli nodded and left.

    As he watched the man's departing figure, Xu Tao lamented, "Having had not seen him for a year, the Second Master is like a totally different person!"

    Liang Feixing nodded too. "I heard that in the past year, there's been much unrest in the corporation."

    Just as Xu Tao and Liang Feixing were lamenting about Lu Jingli's maturity...

    In the car, a certain koi was impatiently taking credit on the phone. "Sis-in-law, I'm telling you, I was so cool earlier! So cool that it's enough for you to personally cook me sweet and sour ribs..."