Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1878

    Chapter 1878: Suddenly Feel Like I'm Very Bright

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    Ning Xi looked at the thing in Liang Feixing's hand and could roughly guess what it was. Her brows could not help but furrow.

    Lu Tingxiao knew what the girl was concerned about, so he walked to her side and slowly squatted down. Holding her hand, he said, "I'm sorry. The reason I didn't announce it back then was that I was worried that the media would try to get to the bottom of it in their madness and disturb your recovery. Apart from that, you don't have to worry about any other thing, whether it's the Lu family or the Zhuang family."

    Liang Feixing nodded on the side as he listened.

    Right, right! In any case, there was Big Boss, this super strong plug-in here!

    As long as these proved her state, it was enough. As for how she had turned into a vegetative state, whether it was an accident or a car crash... He could come up with a flawless reason.

    Ning Xi sighed lightly, "It's not your fault. Actually, had it been me back then, I'd have chosen not to tell the fans the truth too."

    When Ning Xi said this, she thought about how Lu Tingxiao had lived through every day, every minute, and every second in unlimited and repeated disappointment. She felt her heart ache for him again.

    Beside them, Liang Feixing and Jiang Muye were speechless as they watched the tender couple.

    Liang Feixing mumbled, "Um, I suddenly feel like I'm a very bright lightbulb!"

    Jiang Muye calmly shook his leg to bide his time. "You'll be fine once you get used to being this bright!"

    Liang Feixing was speechless.


    After they finished discussing and arranging the follow-up, Liang Feixing set the upcoming plan for public relations.

    For now, he could wait until the Internet hyped it up further. Tomorrow night, he would organize a press conference and officially announce Ning Xi's coming out of retirement. At the same time, he would share the truth about Ning Xi's retirement a year ago.

    Xu Tao, who was at home, was racking his brains on how to handle the matter when he received Liang Feixing's call and found out the reason Ning Xi had vanished. Needless to say, he was shocked too.

    "I didn't think it'd have been like that... Then, what's the reason we should give? What do we say then?"

    "The real reason implicates a lot of people, so we can't use that. Second Master's end will handle the lockdown and not let any information leak out. On our end, we'll just say it was a car crash. Even though it's simple and a bit rough around the edges, it's something that's the most easily accepted by the wider public."

    "Then, I'll inform the media now to announce that we're having a press conference tomorrow."



    After they finished the call, Xu Tao lit a cigarette and pondered momentarily before posting up a Weibo.

    [Tomorrow night 8 p.m. at Imperial Royal Jazz Hotel. Press conference on Ning Xi coming out of retirement.]

    Clear and simple.

    This Weibo had just been put up when it caused a commotion in the whole Weibo community.

    Ning Xi was finally going to officially have a press conference on coming out of retirement!

    Apart from that, they were still curious about the reason Ning Xi had vanished.

    The comments below that post were filled with questions...

    [What's the reason Ning Xi retired then? Was it really because she degraded herself, and like other female celebrities, once she got slightly famous, she found herself a bankroller?]

    [We only care about the reason Ning Xi retired! Why did she just leave without saying a word!? Who did she think the fans who supported her were? She just threw them away once she was done using them!]

    [What are you guys rushing for? The official portal has already announced that they'll have a press conference, so of course, they'll give us an explanation! Before the matter has even been clarified, you keep saying that she was a mistress and found a bankroller. There isn't even the most fundamental level of trust. Is this all of your so-called love and support?]


    With the spammers, the fans who were influenced by the spammers, and some of Ning Xi's die-hard fans who had appeared because they could not bear to watch any longer, all of the comments mixed together, creating a war on there.

    Xu Tao watched the development that he had predicted unfold and posted a second Weibo: [Sometimes, the truth is best forgotten.]

    Hehe, f*ck you Zheng Anru! When I started in the industry, you were still playing in the mud somewhere! Want to play a game of inciting public discussion with me?