Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1875

    Chapter 1875: Switch To The Real Phoenix

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    "Xueluo spent so much effort just to get two invitations, and we didn't even speak that much there. And she had to do so much to just get noticed, but when Ning Xi went... Just because of some petty matter, Meng Linlang went on a rampage for her. Everyone was afraid of them. Even Madam Li was really careful with her"

    Zheng Minjun did not fill in the details about how she had misspoken. Her tone was full of regret about how she had just lost what she deserved.

    "Are you for real?" Su Hongguang was shocked.

    "Why would it be fake!? I witnessed it with my own eyes! I also saw that all the other ladies were really interested in Ning Xi!" Zheng Minjun looked nervous. "We should've noticed back then. We were too careless!"

    Su Hongguang's expression looked solemn. After a while of silence, he said, "Let's stop talking about the past. It doesn't matter what has become of Ning Xi now."

    "How does it not matter!? We were supposed to take in the real daughter of a prestigious family! If Ning Xi married Su Yan, it wouldn't have been so tough for us to climb higher!

    "The Qi family has always been below us, but just because their son married the daughter of Officer Qin's daughter, they suddenly rose up. Do you know how I feel every time I see Mrs. Qi's face?"

    Su Hongguang pinched the space between his eyebrows when his wife was nagging.

    "Of course, I know, but things happen. It was us who determined that Ning Xi was not presentable and chose Xueluo even when we knew the truth. Su Yan and Xueluo have been married for over a year. Do you think it's going to be easy?"

    Zheng Minjun fumed. "It's not our fault! The Ning family lied to us at first. It's not unreasonable if Su Yan divorces Xueluo and marries someone else!"

    "You think Ning Xi would still marry into our family with her current status? Stop fantasizing and messing up our family!" He would love to have marriage ties with the Zhuang family, but the reality was before him. Ning Xi was not the same person as before.

    Zheng Minjun noticed there was some space for negotiation, so she then said, "I'm pretty confident in this. You forgot how much that girl loved Su Yan back then. With Su Yan's talent and appearance, he's much better than most other men outside! Even if that girl has the Zhuang family behind her back, she's still not any better than some other daughters from a prestigious family. Do you think she won't say yes if I drop her some hints?"

    Su Hongguang was shaken up, but he said cautiously, "We need to think this through."

    The next day.

    While Ning Xi was resting for the day, the media, the fans, and all of the entertainment companies, even the whole entertainment industry went bonkers in just a day.

    Everywhere, they talked about how Ning Xi had resurfaced in the press conference of "The World" after vanishing for a year.

    At the airport.

    Su Yan had just returned from abroad. He was taking a call from the company when he looked up and saw the big screen at the airport. He saw the girl who was singing with her teary eyes and felt as if a lightning bolt had struck him