Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1874

    Chapter 1874: Raised Thoughts

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    The assistant director's tone sounded very indignant at the injustice. He looked like he could not endure it longer and was fighting for David's justice.

    In an instant, there was a sudden buzz across the meeting room.

    "Is that so?! That's too unfortunate!"

    "Director David's control and sensitivity towards trends are indeed always a step ahead of us! Only you ask us to constantly improve again and again! Someone else did it before us just like that!"

    "Actually, I think we don't have to care whether we're following their tide or not. The question is whose design is the best! Besides, who'd think that us History, the number one in the industry, would follow the lead of a little company that's been eliminated by the market?"

    "Exactly! Even if there's any following of style, it should be them following ours!"


    With the words of the assistant director, everyone started to echo him.

    However, in reality, the situation was indeed as such. Even if they knew which company had released it first, many consumers who did not know the truth would still subconsciously think that it was the smaller company following the trend of the bigger company.

    In the industry, it would not be the first time such a situation happened.

    Many of the smaller companies that started to pick up trends in the early stages would be pushed down by the bigger companies just like that.

    The best case scenario would be that their designs got bought over. The worst case scenario would be the market being completely taken over by the big company.

    When the assistant director saw that the time was about right, he went with the flow and seized the opportunity to say, "Boss, I think you shouldn't worry at all. Just finish the designs you have and then we'll release a new line of designs! It'll definitely end Spirit!"

    "I agree!"

    "I agree too!"


    As he listened to the sounds of agreement around him, delight flashed in David's eyes. He looked to Ning Xueluo at the head seat and said, "It's best if we listen to CEO Ning about this!"

    Ning Xueluo only contemplated for a moment, then decided, "Let's do that then!"

    Then, just to be sure, she still asked, "You're sure your designs are fine?"

    David said in a certain tone, "If you believe in me,CEO Ning, I definitely won't let you down."

    This one year had been enough for him to cultivate a group of "subordinates" that he could use with assurance. As long as he combined all of their designs, even if he had just written his own name and taken credit for it, it would be their honor too...


    Late at night, at the Su residence.

    In reality, Ning Xueluo's guess was not even a fraction off.

    Zheng Minjun immediately locked herself in the room once she reached home. Her thoughts were a mess.

    Su Hongguang had just reached home and entered when he saw Zheng Minjun walking around the room anxiously. He could not help but frown. "It's already so late. Why are you walking around the room and not sleeping? Today, you went to Madam Li's thing, didn't you. How did it go?"

    Su Hongguang clearly cared about this matter, so he had especially asked.

    When he mentioned it, Zheng Minjun immediately looked to her husband emotionally. "Hongguang, you're finally home!"

    "What happened?" When he saw Zheng Minjun looking so frazzled, Su Hongguang frowned and asked.

    Zheng Minjun said anxiously, "Today, at Madam Li's gathering, I saw Ning Xi!"

    "Ning Xi? Hasn't she disappeared for over a year? I heard she was taken as a mistress by some rich merchant." Even though Su Hongguang did not pay attention to such things, he knew a little about it.

    When this was brought up, Zheng Minjun's expression changed. "It wasn't like that at all! Ning Xi was probably with the Zhuang family in the past year!"

    "How would Ning Xi have been with the Zhuang family?"

    "Hongguang, you don't know! Ning Xi was at the Heavenly Spring Resort with Meng Linlang. She even introduced Ning Xi in front of everyone as her niece! I'm afraid the Zhuang family has already long acknowledged Ning Xi!"

    When he heard his wife, Su Hongguang's expression instantly changed too.