Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1872

    Chapter 1872: You're Really Interested In Xiao Xi?

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    A small town in Chang Chun City?

    As the niece of the Zhuang family, how could she have grown up in such a place until she was 18?

    He did not seem to remember which of General Elder Zhuang's daughters was married to someone from Chang Chun City...

    "Is that so?"

    With just one sentence, Li Muyan knew that there must be something that was best kept a secret, thus he immediately pushed the subject aside and did not ask further.

    In just a short half an hour, the ladies' gathering had ended.

    Ning Xi followed Meng Linlang to bid their goodbyes and left too.

    With the sound of the springs and the tree shade with the shadows of flowers behind him, Li Muyan's lean figure stood at the resort entrance as he looked into the distance for the car that gradually left his sight.

    As a diplomat, what he needed most was rationality, rationality, rationality.

    Whether it was in handling state matters, or with his partner, he had a pretty harsh set of standards and criterion.

    Yet, until he had met her, he realized that one day, he would also experience "love at first sight", which was a feeling that was without reason and lacked rationality...

    The man pinched between his brows. In his eyes that had always been calm without revealing any gaps or emotions to his opponents, there was now a never-before-seen brightness.

    This feeling made him frantic and helpless; even more so was a fresh experience that had detached him from his many years of inherent ideology.

    "Muyan... Muyan?" Li You looked at her son and had a thoughtful expression.

    "Mother." Li Muyan turned around.

    "You and Xiao Xi..." Li You paused for a moment, then she hesitantly said, "Do you want Mother to help you find out more about Xiao Xi?

    "Xiao Xi's situation is actually a little complicated. When she was first born, she had been carried home wrongly and for 18 years, she grew up in the countryside. Because of that, there was a huge gap of conflict between her and her biological mother, close to the point of severing ties.

    "Back then, her biological mother had severed ties with Elder Zhuang because of some things...

    "However, the point is that even though Xiao Xi did not keep in contact with her biological mother, the Zhuang family, from Elder Zhuang to Zhuang Liaoyun and Linlang, loved this granddaughter dearly.

    "The reason Meng Linlang had been so angry today was clearly not to attack our Heavenly Spring Resort. On a larger degree, she was trying to support and establish power for Xiao Xi. Muyan, if you..."

    Li Yu was about to continue when Li Muyan just cut his mother short. "Mother, there's no need. I don't want a blind date that will follow a prescribed pattern. I'll just go with the flow."

    Li You had initially just wanted to probe, but when she heard her son, she was shocked. "You're really interested in Xiao Xi?"

    Until now, the thumping in Li Muyan's heart had yet to calm down. He looked at his mother and said, "Mother, I've never felt anything like this about a girl."

    When Li You heard that her son had finally fancied a girl, she was actually very relieved. Furthermore, her family background was pretty solid, and Meng Linlang was her close friend as well.

    "Even though Xiao Xi's past history is a little bumpy, but with the Zhuang family's layer of relationship here, her family background would be compatible with us Lis too. However, our understanding of Xiao Xi is still not very clear. How about..."

    "Mother, I don't care about these things. Besides, the most meaningful part about getting along with someone is the process of really getting to know someone."

    Li You laughed helplessly. "Okay, okay, okay, Mother can't beat you. As you wish, go with the flow. I won't interfere."

    At the same time, in Meng Linlang's car.

    "Xiao Xi, how was your chat with Muyan?" Meng Linlang pretended to casually ask.

    Ning Xi nodded. "It was pretty good. Bro Muyan is knowledgeable and he's easy-going too."

    Meng Linlang watched Ning Xi's expression and confirmed that there was nothing odd. She thought in her heart that he most likely just had a good impression of her and that she had probably overthought it.