Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1864

    Chapter 1864: Unrelated Person?

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    Li You seemed glad when she heard Ning Xueluo's question. She replied, "This... I'm afraid you can't get it anywhere! My son made it for me himself!"

    Ning Xueluo's eyes brightened. She knew she hit the right button on the sweet spot and went along. "Mr. Li is really filial towards you!"

    The others started to praise Li You's son too.

    "That's right. Mr. Li is well-known for being a good child in the circle!"

    "Not only that, Muyan is really well-appreciated in the diplomatic field. Even that person praised his efforts! His future is immeasurable!"

    Zheng Minjun was really glad when Ning Xueluo's words pleased Li You. She offered her words of praise as well. "Madam Li, you're so blessed!"

    Li You was in an excellent mood when her pride and joy of her son was mentioned. "You look familiar. You are?"

    Zheng Mingjun was overjoyed when Li You noticed her and even talked to her. She gave a long introduction. "My maiden name is Zheng. My husband is the president of the Yifeng Corporation. Su Hongguang, my son, is the CEO and this is my daughter-in-law, Xueluo."

    "Hello, Madam Li, I'm Ning Xueluo."

    There were so many prestigious families in the Imperial, so Li You had no impression of the Yifeng Corporation or of this girl, but she made some small talk anyway. "Madam Zheng is blessed too! Such a beautiful daughter-in-law!"

    While it was just a short conversation, they managed to leave an impression on Madam Li. It was worth the trip!

    Zheng Minjun started to think that it was not a wrong decision to let Su Yan marry Ning Xueluo. She had really brought blessings to the family!

    The two waitresses had keen eyes. The moment they saw Zheng Minjun and Ning Xueluo being noticed by Li You, their attitude towards them became much friendlier.

    "It's been a long time since I last saw Madam Li this happy!"

    "That's right!"

    The two waitresses were working their way in the midst of the ladies, but they suddenly saw a familiar figure nearby.

    That thick-faced actress was daring enough to come inside!

    The audacity!

    Seeing that Ning Xi was about to come inside, the waitress with a sharp chin put her work on hold and rushed over to start scolding, "Stop! Who let you come in?! Do you know where this is?"

    The other short-haired waitress glared at the waitress who had brought Ning Xi in. "What's wrong with you, Xiao Cai!? How much did she give you!? How dare you bring in someone like her inside!? Will you be responsible if you bothered the guests inside?"

    Zheng Minjun had told them that she was just an actress, so the both of them assumed Ning Xi's position and did not think about any other possibilities at all.

    The waitress named Xiao Cai was about to explain, but she was dumbfounded when the two of them scolded her.

    This... Was this woman not the one Madam Zhuang had asked her to bring in?

    Could she have brought the wrong person in?

    Then... Then, she would be in deep trouble!

    The two of them reaffirmed their thoughts when they saw the freaked out expression on Xiao Cai's face.

    At the same time, what happened outside was overheard by the ladies in the room.

    "What's happening?" Li You did not look very happy.

    "I don't know! Seems like someone unrelated has intruded…"


    Ning Xueluo had noticed what was happening outside some time ago. She was thinking how foolish and daring Ning Xi was to buy her way inside here.

    She felt a great sense of superiority when she saw Ning Xi stuck in the awkward situation.

    Zheng Minjun sat down in a seat while putting up a disgusted expression. "How embarrassing…"

    "How dare you, Xiao Cai?! Don't explain it to us! Tell the manager yourself!"

    "And you! How shameless are you? We've told you that we're not hiring at the moment!"

    "You're just an actress. You're not even clean enough to clean our toilets!"

    The two of them were saying harsher and harsher words. They were about to call the security guards over.

    The moment the sharp-chinned waitress was about to say something, there was a furious voice from behind. "How insolent!"