Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1861

    Chapter 1861: Here To Get Connections

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    Ning Xueluo then started walking to her as if she had just seen a close relative.

    Zheng Minjun initially did not want to acknowledge her, but when she saw that Ning Xueluo had already made a move, she could only follow behind.

    "Sis, is that you?"

    As she reached the riverside, Ning Xueluo looked emotionally yet nervously at Ning Xi.

    When she heard the voice from behind her, Ning Xi turned around.

    Upon seeing that Ning Xueluo was approaching her, Ning Xi was stunned for a while and she raised her brows ever so slightly.

    She did not expect to bump into Ning Xueluo at the Heavenly Spring Resort. In fact, Su Yan's mother, Zheng Minjun, was there too.

    "Sis, where did you go in this past one year? Bro Yan and I were very worried about you!" Ning Xi had just turned around when Ning Xueluo started to speak in a heartfelt tone with tears welling in her eyes.

    "Worried?" At this moment, Zheng Minjun sneered, "Xueluo, what were you worried for? Everyone knows this woman's been taken as a mistress by a powerful and influential old man. Otherwise, could she have quit the entertainment industry? She must've been living the high life in this past year. Would there even be room for your concern?"

    "Mother, I believe that Sister is definitely not that kind of person." Xueluo immediately defended her.

    "Xueluo, you're just too innocent. Mother has lived for a long time and I've seen all sorts of people. For glory and wealth, there are countless women who are willing to degrade themselves, be obscene and lowly, and be willing to prostitute themselves. You wouldn't believe how dirty things can get!" Zheng Minjun shuddered at Ning Xi as if she was looking at something disgusting.

    Ning Xueluo smiled apologetically at Ning Xi. "Mother, don't talk like that about Sister..."

    Ning Xi stood there, amused by this bullshit as she watched the two of them echo each other like idiots.

    They have not met for more than a year, and she thought that Ning Xueluo would have at least made progress, yet in the end, her tricks had not changed at all. Was she really prepared to use this trick to rule the world?

    Before Zheng Minjun could speak, Ning Xueluo pretended to smooth things over. "Sister, my apologies, Mother and I still have matters to attend to and we need to go to the Heavenly Spring Resort, so we'll make a move first."

    Then, she pretended to carelessly remind, "Right, Sis, have you come here to see Madam Lee? You need an invitation to enter. Unfortunately, I only have two with me, otherwise, I could bring you in too!"

    Zheng Minjun instantly frowned and said, "Xueluo, enough! Is this a place for such people to enter? Xueluo, let's quickly go in. Don't let Madam Lee wait on us."

    "Sis, the next time when there's a chance, I'll look for you again." Ning Xueluo's goal of flaunting had been achieved, so she then walked away with Zheng Minjun gaily.

    When the two female receptionists saw the two of them return, one of them looked towards Ning Xi and asked a little curiously, "Ms. Ning, Madam Zheng, do you two know that woman over there?"

    Zheng Minjun immediately responded, "How could we know such a lowly woman!?"

    When the female receptionist heard Zheng Minjun's tone, she instantly went along and corrected herself, "That's what I thought! Based on your status, you wouldn't know her! I just saw her walk around the Heavenly Spring Resort for a long while. She's probably here to apply for a job to be a waitress at the resort."

    "She's just an outdated actress. I'm afraid the person who took her in as a mistress was bored of playing with her, so she probably couldn't stay on any longer. Maybe she's really here to apply for a waitressing job," sneered Zheng Minjun.

    "Ah? An outdated actress? And was even taken as a mistress?"

    When the receptionists heard Zheng Minjun's words, revulsion flashed across their eyes.

    "No wonder! When I saw that woman, I just knew that she was the same as those women who want to be playgirls recently! She wants to mingle and make connections!"