Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1860

    Chapter 1860: Enemies On A Narrow Road

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    The Heavenly Spring Resort was a high-class private clubhouse, where high officials and nobility gathered, and it was only opened at specific times.

    The resort had just been newly refurbished a few years ago, but it still looked ancient as the artistic aspect was not ruined at all.

    As Meng Linlang led Ning Xi to the resort entrance, her phone suddenly rang.

    Meng Linlang took a look at who it was, then she said to Ning Xi, "Xiao Xi, I have an important call. Wait for me here for a moment."

    "No worries, Aunty. You get the call," said Ning Xi, understanding.

    Meng Linlang was of an extraordinary status, and many of her important calls were state secrets, so it was inevitable that she would need to step aside for a while.


    When Meng Linlang left, Ning Xi strolled around and admired the scenery surrounding the resort.

    At this moment, at the entrance, two tall, sweet-looking female receptionists were evaluating Ning Xi from time to time.

    "What does that woman do? I've seen her walk around the resort for a long while. Based on her aura and looks, could she be some high official or prominent person?" One of them wondered.

    "Doesn't look like it." The other receptionist shook her head. "Recently, the resort has been lacking servants, so they're hiring. She's probably here to interview for the job."

    She would recognize the high officials and big shots of Imperial, and those who frequently came to the Heavenly Spring Resort.

    However, as she observed this girl, she was rather unfamiliar and she had never seen her.

    Actually, because of the resort's reputation, many pretty girls and even those from respectable family backgrounds would try to make their way in. For receptionists, they knew they lacked the academic qualifications and family background, so this position was a very reliable pedestal to move upwards.

    "Indeed, she isn't a guest here, but she looks somewhat familiar like a very popular female celebrity from a long time ago," the female receptionist was staring at that beautiful face far away that could make any woman resent her as she said with hesitation.

    "Huh, even if she's popular now, she wouldn't be worthy of coming to the Heavenly Spring Resort, much less if she's outdated!" The other person scoffed with disdain.

    The two receptionists were used to seeing these kinds of people, so they did not pay any more attention to her.

    A short while later, a white Maserati stopped nearby.

    The elegant car door opened and a woman in a sapphire blue evening gown and a Chanel handbag in hand stepped down from the car.

    "Ms. Ning!"

    Even though the woman wore sunglasses, the two female receptionists could still immediately recognize her, so they quickly went up to greet her.

    Ning Xueluo walked to the front passenger seat, opened the car door and helped a middle-aged woman down the car.

    When they saw the middle-aged woman, one of the female receptionists whispered softly, "That's Ms. Ning's mother-in-law, Madam Zheng..."

    Receptionists like them knew almost all of Imperial's high society like the back of their hands.

    "Sorry to trouble the two of you to wait for such a long time. This is my invitation," Ning Xueluo said courteously and thanked them.

    The few people made small talk for a while and were just about to walk in when...

    At that moment, Zheng Minjun suddenly saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eyes, far away by the river.

    That person over there was...

    At once, Zheng Minjun frowned and tugged on Ning Xueluo. "Xueluo, quickly look over at that person. Is that Ning Xi?"

    What? Ning Xi?!

    When she heard the dreaded name, Ning Xueluo immediately scanned the river.

    Then, her pupils abruptly shrank!

    It really was her!

    "Mother, it's Sister alright!" Ning Xueluo said, her eyes instantly darkening.

    Who would have thought that she would really bump into that slut here!?

    What was she doing here?

    Ning Xueluo thought about it for a while and immediately understood. She was probably there to curry favor with people and make connections!

     Could that rotten old man have abandoned her so she could not continue and wanted to find a new patron again?

    Delight flashed across Ning Xueluo's face as she arranged her delicate skirt and said to Zheng Minjun, "Mother, let's walk over and greet her! I haven't seen Sister for so long. Now, I finally bump into her here!"