Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1858

    Chapter 1858: Head Lady

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    Seeing that Ning Xi had planned for everything, Meng Linlang was finally relieved. "As long as you have a plan. If you ever feel unhappy or you're bullied, tell me immediately! We don't have to care about the Lu family! You can always come back home!"

    Come back home

    Ning Xi had an indescribable feeling when she heard that phrase.

    Ning Xi felt a warm, fuzzy feeling rise within her when she saw that Meng Linlang was so protective of her. "I got it, Aunty. I'll remember that."

    "That's more like it!" Meng Linlang beamed as she patted the girl's hand.

    As she suddenly thought about something, Meng Linlang said happily, "Recently, a close friend of mine came to Imperial. I mentioned to you to her and she's been longing to see you. This is a good opportunity. I'll bring you to see her tonight!"

    Ning Xi sounded a little troubled. "Hmm... to meet your close friend?"

    Meng Linlang quickly explained as she saw Ning Xi's troubled expression, "You don't have to be so reserved. She's a really good friend of mine! You have think more about yourself. You're now the head lady and you have to face the whole family on your own. Making contacts with powerful people is beneficial to you! How else would you be able to step on top of the twisted people among the family?"

    Meng Linlang felt her heart ache when she realized the girl never thought about it. "This should've been taught by your mother, but... whatever! That blind creature! I'll stop mentioning her! If you trust me enough, listen to me. I'd never trick you!"

    Ning Xi was really touched when she noticed Meng Linlang was so considerate. She could not reject her offer, so she quickly nodded. "Of course, I trust you! I get it. I'll go!"

    Meng Linlang was satisfied. "Then, I won't bother your family time now. I'll come over and pick you up tonight!"

    "Let me see you off!"

    Little Treasure went over when he saw Meng Linlang was leaving. "Grandaunt, are you leaving?"

    "Mmm, Grandaunt is leaving. I'll come and visit Little Treasure THE next time."

    "Then, Grandaunt, please come back soon."

    "Okay, okay" Meng Linlang looked really pleased.

    From the beginning, she was very upset with Little Treasure even before Xiao Xi got injured for his sake. Lu Tingxiao had a child before marriage after all, which was an unacceptable fact for Meng Linlang who came from a military family.

    Back then in the hospital when the elder suddenly wanted Little Treasure to go to the sanatorium as well, it was not only her husband who could not accept it; she could not sit well with the decision either.

    Afterward, Little Treasure was so obedient and understanding that everyone's opinion of him changed.

    Her husband was a straightforward person and did not think much about it, but she gave it some thought after that. She felt like something was not right.

    The elder was a brilliant person, so just what did Lu Tingxiao tell him that could make him accept Little Treasure's existence and even treat Little Treasure this well?

    In addition to the intimacy between Little Treasure and Ning Xi, she could guess, but she never dared to confirm it.

    The elder must have had his reasons for not telling them. She did not want to force her way to get the truth as well.

    She was just curious. If things were as she guessed, why did Xiao Xi not know about it?