Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1857

    Chapter 1857: A Title

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    Meng Linlang was chatting happily with Lu Tingxiao after entering the house.

    Ning Xi was impressed. As expected of his sweet tongue!

    Look at her darling! How obedient of him to call her "Aunty" the moment he saw Meng Linlang.

    Unlike someone

    Until now, she had yet to hear the word "Aunty" from him.

    After a short chat, Meng Linlang dragged Ning Xi aside to talk to her in private.

    Meng Linlang took Ning Xi's hand and asked in a serious tone, "Xiao Xi, let me ask you how are Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan treating you?"

    She was alright with Lu Tingxiao now, but she could not put her trust in the two elders of the Lu family.

    Xiao Xi was married to Lu Tingxiao after all, so it was no longer just a matter of the both of them anymore. Xiao Xi would need to face the whole Lu family. If Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan treated her the same way as before, how could she continue living in the Lu family?

    She had gone through a lot of tough times to be alive now. She would never allow her to suffer again.

    "They are treating me well," replied Ning Xi quickly.

    Meng Linlang looked doubtful. "Really? You don't have to speak well for them."

    Ning Xi said helplessly, "It's true. They invited me over to their place and talked to me. They apologized and have been treating me really well!"

    Meng Linlang was slightly relieved when she saw Ning Xi's genuine expression. "That's good then. At least, they still have their conscience intact."

    Ning Xi nodded. "Mmm, don't worry about it, Aunty!"

    Meng Linlang's heart almost melted when Ning Xi called her "Aunty". She spoke gently, "Xiao Xi, what's your plan for the future? About your career and family?"

    Ning Xi gave it some thought. "I've thought about this before. I was prepared to retire after I woke up this time. I want to spend more time with Tingxiao and Little Treasure because I've been busy working and had too little time with them. Tingxiao has been really supportive of me doing anything I want"

    Meng Linlang nodded. "Then? I heard from Keer and Rongguang that you're coming out of retirement."

    "Mmm." Ning Xi replied, "Something happened because of me. The most troublesome part is settled for now. While I'm coming out of retirement, I'll make sure my workload isn't as much as before, so I'll be able to balance both my career and my family."

    Meng Linlang looked satisfied. "That's great! I'm actually against you retiring completely. A woman needs to have her own career."

    Meng Linlang finally brought up her largest concern. "Then, when are you having your wedding with Lu Tingxiao? And when are you going to announce your relationship to the public? Don't blame me for being so concerned. It was a special situation before, but the marriage between you two was too rushed! Marriage is a huge milestone for a woman!"

    Ning Xi was a little guilty. "Actually, shortly after I met Lu Tingxiao, he already proposed to me. We've just been delaying it because of my career. Not publicizing it was also due to my work.

    "But it's different now. My fanbase was still unstable when I just started out. News about a marriage might affect me a lot, so I wanted to wait until my career plan had settled down, then I'd be able to announce the news of my marriage. It shouldn't take too long.

    "I want to be together with him officially too!"

    Her darling had been waiting for this title for a very long time