Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856: Changed At Lightning Speed

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The next morning in Deer Town. Ning Xi slept until she naturally woke up. There was already no one beside her on the bed. However, from downstairs wafted the tempting, sweet scent of porridge. Even though she had already officially come out of retirement, she was not that busy. Her priority of resolving Jiang Muye's matter was done and whatever came after that did not need that much fretting about. "You're awake? Come over and have breakfast."

Lu Tingxiao had prepared breakfast as always. Under the morning sun, her heart raced as she watched the way the man looked in his apron as he beckoned her to go over for breakfast. Even though she was an expert at cooking, when she was with Lu Tingxiao, she cooked less and less frequently, while Lu Tingxiao's culinary skills had become increasingly better. It would not be exaggerating on to say that his skill was advancing by leaps and bounds. Especially after she had woken up from her coma, she had not stepped into the kitchen even once. At this moment, Little Treasure carefully carried a bowl of porridge to her. "Mommy, Little Treasure will feed you." Ning Xi quickly said, "Thank you, Little Treasure, Mommy can eat this myself." "But Mommy's hand is hurt."

Little Treasure glanced at Ning Xi's wrist, which had been slathered in medication, and was still slightly red and swollen. His little face looked exceptionally serious. When he said this, Ning Xi suddenly sneaked a guilty peek at Lu Tingxiao. How could she have known? Yesterday, on stage, she had just simply played around with the pike. She really had not felt anything then and there, yet after she returned home at night, her wrist had actually become swollen. Thankfully, it was not a huge problem, but the father and son duo had still scolded her. "Okay, okay, okay, thank you, baby Little Treasure!" Ning Xi instantly did not dare to say anything more and obediently cooperated.

It was the weekend. After finishing her breakfast, Ning Xi was playing with Little Treasure when suddenly a guest appeared. When she saw who it was, Ning Xi was shocked. "Madam Zhuang... Why have you come?!" Meng Linlang studied the girl before her, her face revealing heartache and love for her. "I've come to see you. Actually, I wanted to come earlier, but I was afraid of disturbing you." "No, Madam Zhuang, please come in!" Ning Xi quickly said. Once again, Meng Linlang heard Ning Xi address her as "Madam Zhuang" and she suddenly looked unhappy and got angry, "Xiao Xi, what did you just call me?" "Uhh..." When Ning Xi heard this, she was at a slight loss. She had already heard from Lu Tingxiao that the Zhuang family wanted to acknowledge her as family, but to change the way she addressed her in a short time and all so suddenly was something she needed to get used to.

It was still fine with Zhuang Keer and Zhuang Rongguang. After all, it was the same as being friends, but when it came to an elder, then it seemed to be a little awkward. She had been used to operating alone, so she really had no idea how to interact with elders. Just as Ning Xi was wondering what to do, there was suddenly a crisp voice from behind. "Grandaunt!" When Meng Linlnag saw the adorable little guy behind Ning Xi, she could not hold up her pretense of being angry. She broke into a smile and squatted down to hug the little guy. "Aye, good boy, Little Treasure!" At first, she was taking out her anger on someone else, so she detested this illegitimate child of Lu Tingxiao's, but later on, after they interacted more, she could not help but start to fancy this child more and more. At the same time, there came a man's downcast voice. "Aunty."

Ning Xi looked at Little Treasure, then at Lu Tingxiao... She was stupefied! The two of them had changed too quickly, had they not?! However, based on the way they called out to her so naturally, they had probably already started addressing her like this when she was still in a coma. Jeez... The big bun and the little bun had already changed sides, thus obviously, Ning Xi could not be unreasonable. She could only follow Lu Tingxiao and address her politely, "Aunty." "Good!" Meng Linlang was finally satisfied.