Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1855

    Chapter 1855: My Daughter-In-Law Is Capable Like That

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    Zheng Minjun looked disapproving. "There'sno smoke without a fire. If there really wasn't something, could such rumors have gone wild? If not, then you tell me what other reasons could she have for disappeaing for so long?"

    Zheng Minjun's tone was incredibly certain. She had especially asked around and even had pictures as proof. In fact, she had confirmed that in this past year, Ning Xi did not have any contact with the Zhuangs.

    If Ning Xi was really related to the Zhuangs, how could she be willing to be someone else's mistress?

    Indeed, the Zhuang family would not even acknowledge Zhuang Lingyu, so why would they acknowledge Ning Xi?

    When she saw that Zheng Minjun did not believe her at all, Zhao Shanshan was so angry that she was about to stomp her feet.

    Damn it, Zheng Minjun had already been completely brainwashed by the slut, Ning Xueluo!

    When Ning Xueluo saw Zhao Shanshan's exasperated expression, she smiled slightly without batting an eyelid.

    Want to drive a wedge between us? Not that easy!

    She had already completely made Zheng Minjun believe the truth about Ning Xi becoming someone's mistress and not having any contact with the Zhuang family at all.

    She had already said that even if Ning Xi was back, it would not change anything.

    All of this was still hers!

    As for those tiny hiccups, even though they did annoy her, it would only take her the slightest effort to surpress them. With the current Glory World, did she still want to go against her?

    No matter what Zhao Shanshan kept saying, Zheng Minjun had completely ignored her. She took the bowl of chicken soup from the servant and walked to Ning Xueluo as she consoled lovingly, "Xueluo, don't be affected by those wretched people! Come, quickly have this soup! This is very nourishing for the body. I'm still waiting to carry a chubby grandchild!"

    "Thank you, Mother!" Ning Xueluo looked moved, yet she sneered in her heart.

    She had been married for more than a year and still had not gotten pregnant. If it were not for the fact that she currently controlled the finances of Ning International, while History and Starlight became more prosperous with each passing day, just based on this fact, Zheng Minjun definitely would not have been so kind to her.


    Ning Xueluo took out a red invitation from her bag and passed it to Zheng Minjun. "Mother, are you free tomorrow? I got an invitation from Heavenly Spring Resort. If you're free, we can go together and meet Madam Li."

    "Really?" Zheng Minjun was overjoyed at the unexpected good news as she took the invitation. "Recently, I heard that Minister Li and his wife have come to Imperial. Many high officials and noble people, big shots, and the celebrities want to meet them but couldn't find the right connections. Xueluo, how did you get the invitation?"

    "It's nothing, I just have my own connections," answered Ning Xueluo.

    Zheng Minjun grinned from ear-to-ear. "My daughter-in-law is so capable! Yesterday, even Madam Qiao was grumbling to me about not getting an invitation! She always brags about how her brother is some high official in the province, but she still didn't have a way in!"

    Zhao Shanshan stood on the side. As a daughter-in-law too, hearing Zheng Minjun say "my daughter-in-law is so capable" felt like a slap to her own face.

    Yes, this daughter-in-law Ning Xueluo was capable and she was just dispensable trash!

    "What are you so happy about?" At this moment, Su Hongguang had walked out of the room.

    Zheng Minjun immediately walked over, waving the invitation to show off. "Hongguang, Xueluo managed to get an invitation from Minister Li's wife!"

    "Really?" Su Hongguang was pleasantly surprised too. "If we can get connected to Minister Li, it'll definitely be hugely beneficial to our Yifeng Corporation!"

    Any of the country's projects would be worth huge checks of several billion!

    "Exactly! Xueluo is really capable! Now the entire Imperial is envious that we have such a competent daughter-in-law!" Zheng Minjun looked proud.

    "Xueluo, thanks for your trouble!" Su Hongguang was gratified too.

    When Zhao Shanshan saw her father and mother-in-law surrounding Ning Xueluo, her nostrils flared. She was so angry that she just turned around and left.