Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1854

    Chapter 1854: The Real Phoenix Was Back

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    When he saw the ring, Jiang Muye almost puked blood but it was stuck in his throat.

    This bastard had kept saying back then that she definitely would not become his aunt. The memory was still vivid in his mind.

    In the end...

    Bloody hell! The past was painful to recall!

    After Ning Xi finished bragging, she then carefully kept her ring and said in the tone of an elder, "Forget it! Nephew, I'll give you some time to adapt!"

    Jiang Muye was speechess.

    Adapt, his ass!


    At the same time, at the Su residence.

    Ning Xueluo had sat through meetings the whole night and she had also contacted people everywhere. She was in terrible shape from the office till she reached home. The extravagant and beautiful gown on her was already wrinkled.

    Today was supposed to be the most perfect day for her, the final part of her victory.

    However, now, in just one night, her initially flawlessly perfect world had started to crumble...

    This feeling was thoroughly terrible!

    Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Ning Xi!

    This nightmarish name had unexpectedly reappeared!

    "Xueluo is back!" When Zheng Minjun, who was sitting on the living room sofa, saw Ning Xueluo, she immediately beamed and walked over.

    "Mother, you're not asleep yet?" Ning Xueluo forced herself to greet her.

    "I was just worried and was waiting for you to come home!" When Zheng Minjun saw that Ning Xueluo looked strange, she frowned. "Why do you look so pale? Didn't you have an important social event today? Did something happen?"

    "Mother, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired."

    "Then, quickly sit down and rest. I got the kitchen to make some chicken soup. I'll call for the servant to get you a bowl!" Zheng Minjun said with concern.

    Initially, Zheng Minjun's relationship with her had been stiff because the scandal of Ning Xueluo being a foster daughter had been exposed.

    However, with Ning Xueluo's business doing very well in the past year plus Ning Xi's disappearance, it had cut her thoughts of wanting to connect to the Zhuang family through Ning Xi short. Obviously, Zheng Minjun's attitude towards Ning Xueluo changed as well. She was even nicer to her than before. To say that she was utterly providing for her in submission would not be an exaggeration.

    When she saw Zheng Minjun's eagerly attentive way towards Ning Xueluo, Zhao Shanshan slowly walked downstairs and looked mockingly as she said in an extremely jovial mood, "Haha, tired? I think it's more like your heart's tired! After all, the real phoenix, Ning Xi is back! Your fantasies of becoming the phoenix have been shattered again!"

    In this past year, as she watched Ning Xueluo do better in life and increasingly win the hearts of her in-laws, she and Su Xun were surpressed to the point that they did not even have time to take a breather. When Ning Xueluo was there, she had to take the long way around. It was living hell!

    And now, Ning Xi had returned!

    This was remarkably fortunate news!

    "What? Ning Xi is back?" When Zheng Minjun heard this, her expression changed.

    Ning Xueluo's gloomy gaze shot Zhao Shanshan a fierce look, her brows furrowed.

    Once that slut Ning Xi was back, even Zhao Shanshan dared to speak to her like this.

    Now that Zheng Minjun knew Ning Xi was back, would she have thoughts that she should not have again?

    Zheng Minjun had returned to her senses very quickly, then she ordered the servant to get the chicken soup from the kitchen. "So what if she's back?! What's there to make a fuss about?! She's just an actress who was taken as a mistress!"

    She had somewhat analyzed the pros and cons of the situaton and decided that she would not offend Ning Xueluo for Ning Xi.

    When Zhao Shanshan saw Zheng Minjun's attitude, she was suddenly anxious. "Mother, what mistress? Those are just rumors from the external parties. Ning Xi is the granddaughter of the Zhuang family! She wouldn't have done such things!"