Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 185

    Chapter 185: All Your Family Members Are Handsome

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    Forget it, it was troublesome to explain, and Ning Xi couldnt be bothered. "Elder Auntie, give me one!"

    "Okay!" The elder auntie was very honest in weighing the fish, and even charged her less for it.

    After selling the fish, the elder auntie looked admiringly at the man next to Ning Xi holding a child in his arms. "Youre very lucky, madam. Your husband and your son are both so handsome!"

    Even in a place like the market, whats more with a baby in his arms, Lu Tingxiao still had an extraordinary temperament; this really was a kind of talent.

    "Haha, really? But Im also very handsome!" Ning Xi said jokingly.

    "Yes, yes, yes, your whole family is handsome! Especially your little darling, he really is too lovable! He completely inherited yours and your spouses strong points! Come, let Elder Auntie give you a small fish as a gift!"

    Ning Xi touched her face subconsciously. Little Bun had inherited all hers and Lu Tingxiaos strong points?

    It seemed that this wasnt the first time she had heard this

    After that, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao, who was holding Little Treasure, more or less became the focus of the whole market. Wherever they went to buy something, the stall owners all wanted to give them something; onions, garlic, eggs, fish, shrimp, there was a bit of everything. Ning Xis basket was quickly becoming full to bursting.

    Ning Xis expression was that of someone who had hit upon a new way of getting rich. She sighed with excitement: "I never expected that bringing Little Treasure would be such an advantage! Ill bring him again next time!"

    Little Treasure nodded his head repeatedly.

    Lu Tingxiao: "Okay."

    Finally, the three left to return home with their gains.

    The whole way back, Ning Xi was in a very good mood. Halfway there, she suddenly remembered something, and shouted, "Lu Tingxiao, do you know my apartment? Turn left at the intersection ahead!"

    "I do, do you want to go back?" Lu Tingxiao drove his car to her apartment, familiar with the route even if he had only been there once.

    "Mm, I'll go get my super secret spice! Wait for me!"


    Ning Xi ran into the apartment building and was quick to grab the spice before going back downstairs. As she passed through the lobby, the girl at the front desk quickly called out to her. "Hey, wait, wait, are you Ning Xi? You have two express deliveries which have been sitting here for several days, do you still want them or not?"

    After saying this, prying eyes eager for gossip sized Ning Xi up. She was thinking that Ning Xi hadnt come back for a very long time, and probably had become a mistress.

    Ning Xi pretended to not notice her look, directly picked up one big box and another smaller one, and left.

    When she exited the main door, she saw from a distance Little Treasure pressed against the window of the car on the other side of the road, anxiously waiting for her.

    Ning Xis eyes became warm, but in the next second, three men suddenly appeared in her line of sight. They were dressed in black, and with one look, she could tell that they were up to no good, as they rushed directly at her

    Ning Xis eyes grew hard with conditioned vigilance. In that one moment, she put down the things in her hands, forcibly ripped the hem of her dress apart, and then instantly kicked one of the men when he rushed forward.

    Caught off guard, the mans whole body flew back from the kick, and the two other men were stunned for a long moment before they came back to themselves, and advanced on Ning Xi with even more ferocious looks on their faces

    Ning Xi was dressed too lady-like today, which hampered her actions, so she was unable to instantly defeat the two men.

    As she was fighting them, another man came up behind her to grab her by the arm and try to tie her up with a rope.

    Ning Xi was about to retaliate when the man's hand was suddenly whipped away from her arm, and he screamed in extreme pain.

    She almost heard the crack of bones in his hand

    Ning Xis gaze followed the man's arm up to see Lu Tingxiao gripping the mans wrist firmly. She didnt know when he had come out of the car; he looked icy as frost, and gave off a murderous aura