Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1849

    Chapter 1849: Want To Change?

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    "You don't say! Do we need you to tell us that?" Wang Haojun's anger rocketed.

    His event had been crashed and he had even paved the way for her!

    At this moment, some of the investors muttered among themselves. One of them represented everyone else and stood up to say, "Uhh, actually... from the way today went... the line-up of actors for our movie... can actually still be revised..."

    Zheng Anru's expression instantly changed when she heard that. "CEO Qian, what are you trying to say?"

    CEO Qian stood with his beer belly and chuckled, "Today, all of you saw for yourselves this Ning Xi's popularity and the way she was such a hot topic. We've invested so much money in this movie. Obviously, we hope to get the highest return, don't you think?"

    Zheng Anru obviously understood what he was implying. She instantly looked very upset and said, "Zixuan's contract has already been signed. Don't tell me you still want to change it? To swap her for an outdated female star who has retired for so long?

    "CEO Qian, CEO Lee, CEO Cui, you guys don't understand the entertainment industry well enough. That's why you were deceived by tonight's scheme. The fans couldn't help but be a little emotional because Ning Xi had appeared after being gone for so long. This is just short-lived!

    "If you really let her play the leading role, do you really think she could do it? She's now without opportunities, without connections, and still at that damned Glory World. What does she have to compete against Zixuan? She's not even worthy enough to carry Zixuan's shoes!"

    Zheng Anru had rattled all this out, causing CEO Qian and the few investors to exchange glances. Suddenly, they were hesitating again.

    Wang Haojun quickly took the opportunity to say, "Please, everyone, keep calm and don't be impatient! Manager Zheng is the most outstanding gold-plated manager in the industry. She's definitely right! Our Starlight has invested the most this time, and we wouldn't dig a hole for ourselves!"

    Ath this moment, a well-groomed, middle-aged man on the side grumbled, "You think that we don't know anything, that we wear ten-dollar hats on a five-cent head. Even if Ning Xi is completely unpopular today, her appearance today has completely destroyed all the promotional campaigns that we've been doing for so long!

    "The movie 'The World' is an existence that can never be surpassed in the audience's hearts! Even if we keep throwing money at it, it'd be useless! Things are already like this. Even the original can't be surpassed. Do you still think you can surpass 'Nine Realms'? Are you dreaming?

    "With what? With your so-called popular queen, Han Zixuan? Han Zixuan who can't even control her own fans?"

    Tonight, Han Zixuan's fans changing sides had,in the end, no doubt been a slap in the face for her.

    At the moment, as she was being criticized by the investors, Han Zixuan was so furious that she trembled. After she had become popular, she would always be chased after and flattered no matter where she went. She had never been subjected to such petty annoyances.

    Just as Han Zixuan almost lost control, Ning Xueluo piped up from the side, "CEO Lee, what you're saying is wrong. You ought to know that not all the fans who came tonight were Zixuan's fans. At least half of them were Jiang Muye's die-hard fans.

    "The way someone was so loud today, whether it was authentic or whether someone had deliberately arranged and incited to put up a show to achieve their hidden agenda, and even... steal the role... CEO Lee, you know the entertainment industry well. I'm sure you know the intentions of this, don't you?"

    When CEO Lee heard Ning Xueluo, he frowned. He was listening at last, and indeed he could not guarantee the authenticity, but based on his instincts, he did not think that tonight's incident could have been faked. After all, even he as a spectator had been movedand was convinced by Ning Xi.