Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1844

    Chapter 1844: Shine In All Its Splendor With You

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    Chapter 1844: Shine In All Its Splendor With You
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    As they watched the fans' reaction, Zheng Anru on stage and Wang Haojun backstage were both relieved.

    "Zheng Anru is still the creative one!" Wang Haojun looked delighted.

    On the side, the PR director lamented, "After all, she's considered the one who knows Ning Xi best. Obviously, she knew where her vulnerable spot was!"

    At this moment, the entire hall was deathly still.

    It was not sure how long had passed.

    The atmosphere became increasingly stifling like the calm before the storm.

    Just as a gloom was about to gradually spread across the crowd like a plague, there was finally the sound of a woman's voice in their ears.

    "I'm very sorry... to have let everyone worry, to have let everyone wait... for so long..."

    The fans off-stage were still in absolute silence.

    "There are many things to say... that I don't know how to begin..."

    In the quiet hall, the girl continued, "Let me... Let me sing a song for you!" The girl looked up and smiled, yet her eyes were filled with grief.

    Still, no one said anything.

    Ning Xi leaned over and said a few things to Xu Tao softly. Xu Tao looked momentarily hesitant, then he nodded and left to go backstage.

    Zheng Anru and the rest did not stop them. They all just watched coldly. Haha, to sing at such a moment? Was it meant to divert attention? How hilarious! Was she thinking about switching industries and becoming a singer?

    They did not believe that she could turn things upside down! Even if she did, they would have a way to turn things upright! She should see whose turf she was on today!

    Moments later.


    The entire stage suddenly dimmed. There was only one source of light and it shone onto the girl who wore a white qipao and stood in the middle of the stage.

    The girl retrieved her gaze as she sat there upright and extremely quietly.

    The prelude started to play.

    " Thank you.. ." The girl held the microphone, her gaze falling onto all the fans below the stage. She continued to sing softly, " For the glory you've given me.. ."

    " I want to bow deeply to you... because, my hard work, there are people who understand... "

    The instant the girl's voice was heard, the gaze of the fans suddenly tightened slightly.

    " Thunderous applause, overwhelmed with emotions

    This is the beginning, not the end

    When you have clapped hard for me

    What should I pay back with? You are a soft spot... "

    With the girl's every word and line, the screen behind the girl suddenly lit up.

    The screen presented a girl, who wore a red outfit and smiled shyly as she signed her autograph for a few fans. This was her first time giving out autographs.

    "Thank you, everyone...

    Thank you for the glory you've given me

    I was once so normal

    It was you who brought my dreams to its peak ..."

    The screen cut to another scene where Ning Xi wore a dashing male outfit and was with other filming crew members. She was surrounded by a huge crowd of enthusiastic fans, and the girl was in high spirits. She smiled and said to the security guards, "Be more gentle to my women..."

    " That one minute, in my heart

    Felt too much; it's hard to describe,

    No matter how hard it gets, I won't relax

    To prove that your choice is extraordinary..."

    On the screen, the girl's face was tear-stained. She walked alone in the dense and desolate forest with the heavy rain pouring. Then, there were behind-the-scenes bloopers. However, because the girl was too exhausted, she had just laid on the ground, falling asleep in her clothes. She looked so beautiful...

    " This is a glory that belongs to us

    I already know what path I should take... "

    The girl wore a red gown and as she received the Golden Film Award on the stage with all eyes on her, she gave her speech with tears in her eyes.

    " This is a glory that belongs to us

    This is a joyous ode to you

    Every one of you is my great heroes... "

    With the girl's last line of the song with her raspy voice that started to choke with emotion, the images on the screen stopped. In the audience, everyone's faces were already tear-stained.

    On the other hand, the girl, who had been quietly singing on stage, already had tears streaming down her face...