Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839: Her Existence Itself Was The Highlight

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Jiang Muye scratched his head. With his pair of slippers, he casually sat in a pile of colorful balls.

After hesitating for some time, he finally switched his phone on.

As expected, his news feed was all about the press conference today, speaking about how grand it was, and about it being a reunion after two years. There was a slogan of "No Changge Without Zixuan", and he even saw an article titled "Return of The Man: Will Jiang Muye Issue An Apology and Reconcile with Han Zixuan"?

Screw that! No apology! What reconciliation!?

Damn this all!

Jiang Muye was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

At that moment, the big screen in the arcade switched channels as the staff had switched it to the web-streaming of the press conference of "The World".

"Wow! My goddess Xuan Xuan!"

"Right! 'The World' is having an event at the exhibition centre. Too bad I couldn't get a ticket!"

"Why's the screen so dirty today!? My goddess is so beautiful! She just fulfills my desire fully!"

The display on the big screen attracted the attention of many people.

Jiang Muye was staring at it too.

Hehe, I am going to see just how stupid these people can be!

On the screen, Han Zixuan had a striking red outfit on and was performing a simulated fight with a staff. The fans and onlookers around the game centre were impressed.

Jiang Muye held his chin as he swung on top of a wooden pony and rolled his eyes.

Half a year of training? Nonsense! With those half-assed movements, it was, at most, a quick three-day training! It looked great because the staff she fought with was skilled. What an act!

"Did everyone notice? There's still one other person who's not here today!"

"I heard that this late guest has something to say to our Zixuan!"

"Wow! Really? Let's have this guest up onstage quickly then!"

When the hosts finished talking, Han Zixuan's fans booed unhappily and the onlookers at the game center were talking about it before the big screen too.

"Hmph, that shameless bastard! I'd never forgive him!"

"That's right! He's just the worst! I liked him quite a bit before but I can't even forgive him when I look at his face now!"

Jiang Muye's expression changed when he heard the hosts.

What is happening!? I am right here! What are they talking about?

What are these bastards doing?

Damn you, Lei Ming, if you made decisions for me without asking

Jiang Muye's murderous intent almost burnt a hole through the big screen.

After a short while, a person finally went on stage.

It was not Lei Ming, but Xu Tao.

Why this guy?

Did the company send him because they knew Lei Ming was not daring enough?

Jiang Muye felt rage boil inside him, then he took out his phone and was about to make a call.

As he was looking for a number, he saw from the corner of his eyes... in the stream, Xu Tao had carefully extended his hand to the back. It seemed like there was still someone there.

There was a brief white transition, then a silhouette slowly came out of the dark following Xu Tao's lead, coming out on to the stage

A plain white qipao, dreamy hair, and a stunning facial appearance

She did not need an extravagant outfit or any luxurious accessories. She did not even need any words. Her existence itself was the highlight.

"What... the heck!?"

When he finally saw who was on screen, Jiang Muye clumsily fell off the wooden pony...