Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1836

    Chapter 1836: Best Meng Changge

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    After the main crew finished the interactive session, the host started to keep the audience in suspense. From the supporting roles to the leads, they invited the actors in the original version on stage to reminisce and chat with everyone.

    When Zhao Sizhou, who portrayed the leading male role of Chu Beichen in the original "The World" appeared, there was instantly a buzz of excitement at the venue. The interaction between Zhao Sizhou and the new version of Chu Beichen gained a lot of attention too.

    When the main organizer and the investors in the VIP front row saw that the mood was running high at the event, all of them revealed pleased expressions.

    Until the fans and media's appetites had been whetted, the host finally said excitedly, "Next up to appear... Does everyone know who it is?"

    "Han Zixuan!"

    "Zixuan! Zixuan! Zixuan!"

    "Xuan Xuan! Xuan Xuan! Xuan Xuan!"


    The venue suddenly burst with thunderous shouts as all the fans madly waved glow sticks and boards in their hands. As if on cue, everyone shouted altogether, "No Changge without Zixuan!"

    "No Changge! Without Zixuan!"

    "No Changge! Without Zixuan!"

    "The best goddess Xuan, the best Meng Changge!"


    The slogan started to echo in the huge exhibition hall deafeningly. The event atmosphere was at its peak.

    "Oh my God! Our Zixuan is crazy popular!"

    "Of course! Goddess Xuan is the queen of popularity!"

    "Then, what are we waiting for? Let's quickly invite our goddess Xuan onto stage! Everyone, let's be a little louder, okay? Let the goddess hear you calling for her! Let her feel your enthusiasm!"


    All sorts of slogans and calling out were heard. Amidst the crowd's manic anticipation, Han Zixuan finally walked up stage leisurely.

    As Starlight Entertainment's leading artiste, she naturally had to give the higher-ups face. Han Zixuan was well-versed in this matter, thus she wore History's key highlight piece that was just released half a year ago namedFlourishing Prosperity.

    The meaning behind this gown was very suitable with Han Zixuan who was making it big at the moment too. Both artiste and brand could be said to complement each other well.

    Embedded on the graceful material that was dream-like and hazy were 365 pearl flowers by hand by ten masters within three months. It fanned out from the chest to the skirt, looking incredibly gorgeous. On her neck was a diamond necklace made up of 15 round diamonds, 26 pear-shaped diamonds, nine heart-shaped diamonds, and five emeralds that glittered and shone like stars in the night sky. The jewels on her wrist were from KDY's centennial model, while the high heels on her feet were couture from brand C that had yet to be released.

    At this moment, the woman on stage had all eyes on her. From every single strand of her hair on her head to her toes, she looked graceful and elegant.

    "Oh my God! Goddess Xuan is amazingly beautiful today!" The female host exaggeratively cried out.

    The male host's eyes already cound not pull away from her. "Our Goddess Xuan is clearly beautiful every day! Don't you guys think so?"

    "Yes!" The fans shouted at the top of their lungs, causing them to be even more emotional.

    After the hosts hyped up the crowd, they invited Han Zixuan to take a seat on the sofa. They followed the agenda and started to talk about the story line with the other actors and the main creators from the drama crew.

    The assistant director was full of flattery. "Director Guo's 'The World' is indeed already a class, but because of Xuan Xuan joining us, I dare say that when the movie is done filming, it'll definitely blow your imagination!"

    The producer chuckled, "This role could be said to be created just for Xuan Xuan, especially after modifying the script to make Meng Changge the lead. It'll definitely make up for all of the audience's regrets, satisfying everyone!"