Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1835

    Chapter 1835: Countless Highlights

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    The next day, at the Imperial International Exhibition Centre.

    The organizers were generous and they wanted to reclaim their glory to make up for the last press conference. They created a huge campaign out of their conference this time and held it in a hall that could accommodate 2000 people. The tickets were all gone the moment it was released; every media was trying to get in.

    "How is it? What does Glory World say?"

    Backstage, the CEO of Starlight Entertainment, Wang Haojun, asked a public relations senior with a darkened expression.

    "I've already warned them. Glory World replied that they'll give us a satisfactory answer by today," he reported happily.

    Wang Haojun was expecting it, then he said coldly, "I knew it! I thought they'd be tough. In the end, they still have to lower their heads! If it were not for his popularity, I would've changed everyone into artistes from Starlight, keeping them away from the profits!"

    "You're right, CEO Wang!" His colleague chirped.

    Starlight Entertainment had left halfway through the filming of "The World" and was not able to gain anything from it, so they had been aiming for it at the very beginning. Finally, they finally got the rights to create a remake, and they also became the largest investor this time.

    "I have something to confirm with you. Is Vice CEO Ning going to attend this event?"

    Wang Haojun replied, "Vice CEO Ning will appear the last. Not just as the original main character, but also as the important investor of the series."

    What had happened back then was history. Moreover, Ning Xi had already retired, so it was the best chance for Xueluo to show herself in public again.

    "Zixuan, can you see? All these people outside... They are here for you!" Zheng Anru was gawking at the crowded group outside, her heart filled with excitement and ambition.

    Han Zixuan was playing with her hair and did not seem interested. It was inevitable. What was there to be excited about?

    "I heard that Chen Mian's movie has more than 80% chance to receive an award if everything goes smoothly. In addition to the series 'The World' that will help boost your visibility within the country, you'll become the legendary icon of the industry. No one will ever mention the name Ning Xi in front of you again. Even if they did, they'd just be embarrassing themselves"

    Han Zixuan's eyes reacted a little when she heard that, and her gaze looked much softer.

    Zheng Anru continued with the flattery as she noticed that she had hit the right spot. "That damned Jiang Muye! We're trying to help promote him, yet he's not appreciating it. Don't worry, Zixuan, he'll be issuing a public apology to you today!"

    At the same time, things were going well on the front stage.

    The two hosts were announcing the opening lines passionately and were trying to hype up the crowd. On the big screen behind them was the new characters' look and some highlights.

    The fans would scream from time to time, enjoying the feast for their eyes.

    "Now, let's welcome the team for 'The World'!"

    "Welcome them, everyone!"

    The pair of hosts introduced and interviewed each and every one of them one by one, at the same time interacting with the crowd.

    It was just the appetizer as there were more highlights on the way.