Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831: Shield

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In fact, this was to be a spokesperson for YLD. It was an ambassadorship that was on the same level as SS. If she managed to be the spokesperson, all of her opportunities and ambassadorships from hereafter would definitely be taken to the next level.

Initially, she thought that after getting with Starlight, things would definitely change according to the flow, yet who would have thought that once she left Xu Tao, she would lose such an important contract?

She had really underestimated Xu Tao!

Damn it! He was being deliberate! Intentionally ruining her!

The one who had allowed the assistant to publicly slap him and insult him was Yin Youyou, not her. She was just focused on marching forward for her ideals. She was just doing it to defend herself, so on what basis was he going against her? On what basis was he stealing away this thing that she had gotten with so much difficulty?

Without this contract, how could she, a person without any status and background, who had job-hopped midway, make her stand in Starlight where the competition was fierce?


In front of the YLD building.

Xu Tao carefully pulled open the door and helped Ning Xi into the car.

He was about to turn around and make his way to the driver's seat when suddenly, there was an angry voice from behind.

Liu Xiaorou had chased after him alone in her high-heels. Once she saw Xu Tao, she started to harshly curse with rage, "Xu Tao! You're too much!"

Xu Tao paused mid-step, his brows raised slightly. "Oh? Too much? Superstar Liu, may I know how have I gone overboard?"

Liu Xiaorou's eyes were filled with resentment. "You know how important this ambassadorship is to me!"

Xu Tao sneered, "Huh! Of course, I know."

If he did not, would he have risked his old bones to fight for it for her?

Liu Xiaorou was so angry that she sharply taunted him, "Xu Tao, don't keep pretending like you've sacrificed so much for me. The reason I'm here today is all because of my own hard work. If I had been at Starlight and not Glory World, I'd long have been an A-lister among the A-listers. It's all because I've been with a useless person like you that I've been held back. You don't deserve to be my manager at all!"

Xu Tao did not say anything. He had already become numb from hearing these kinds of words from Liu Xiaorou.

Yet, right at this moment, the door of the black car was pushed open by a fair hand.

A woman slowly got down from the back seat and looked at the girl in front of the car who felt indignant at the injustice. "You know very well that with your aptitude, if you were at Starlight, you never would've stood out. If it were not for Bro Tao, you would just be a cameo forever in Glory World. Don't deserve it? You're right about that! You don't deserve to have a manager like Xu Tao."

Liu Xiaorou's eyes widened. She stared blankly at the woman who had suddenly alighted from the car as if she had seen something terrifying. Even her body started to tremble slightly. "S-Senior Ning Xi..."

How... how could this be?

The new artiste that Xu Tao was managing was actually... Ning Xi...

"Forget it, Ning Xi. There's nothing more to be said here." When she saw that Ning Xi had actually stepped in to shield him and stand up for him, Xu Tao was a little taken aback. At the same time, her actions warmed his heart.

"In the future, you'll have many opportunities to find out who you've betrayed and what you've lost today." After Ning Xi said this, she turned around and stepped into the car.

Liu Xiaorou watched the black car as it drove further away. She stood in the same spot in a daze, only returning to her senses after a long while.

That line about how she did not deserve a manager like Xu Tao had severely hit her.

Ning Xi was back...

Ning Xi had actually chosen Xu Tao to be her manager?

Just this was enough to put her into a panic.

She felt like a trash that she had discarded with utter disdain had suddenly been picked up by someone one day, who announced that it was a priceless treasure, while she had simply failed to recognize it for what it was...